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Gun Control Sample Essay

gun control

With regard to the vast amount of gun-related crimes and mass shootings occurring in the USA in the recent years, the issue of gun control has become extremely topical in the society and causes heated debates between the two groups with opposing views of the problem. 

Chemotherapy Overdose Sample Essay


Cases of overdose resulting from administering chemotherapy are very common. There are numerous factors that contribute to this problem. For example, some medical staff act out of negligence. 

Reasons to write an annotated bibliography

annotated bibliography

What is an annotated bibliography? Many students cannot answer this question. They have heard about and even seen it. However, few have clear understanding of what is an annotated bibliography and how to do an annotated bibliography.

Hormones Sample Essay

Hormones Sample Essay

Hormones influence the functions of various organs within the body of living organisms. The hormone system may influence directly the target tissue or may act synergistically with other systems, such as nervous system, to accomplish their functions.

Sample Essay about Euthanasia


Euthanasia is still a very delicate topic to discuss. People all over the world have divergent opinions on it with some supporting this practice and others opposing it. Some of these stands have no concrete facts to support them; the public always comments about it based on their personal opinions. 


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