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Chinatown of New York


The city New York has always been special because of its diversity. However, when people of different races and ethnicities live together, one cannot rule out incidences of racial segregation in the society. The diverse population makes New York a city of a great income inequality.

Therapeutic Alliance: Success in Psychotherapy

Therapeutic Alliance

Therapeutic alliance is a word describing a more inclusive term for therapy. This is because it puts emphasis on the importance of collaboration or partnership between therapists and patients in provision of treatment and medication. This means that the treatment process also takes into account preferences of the patient.

Shakespeare Plays’ Analysis

William Shakespeare

There is nothing in the world that moves people’s hearts as much as works of William Shakespeare. He was able to create such powerful literary works that they remained popular among readers for centuries; moreover, they will be read and loved for centuries ahead.

Questions and Answers on Nursing

nursing qa

            1. In medical terminology the prefix (words beginning with) “dermato-” refers to what body part?

Cyber Jihad

internet jihad essay

Terrorism has existed for a long time. It has a lot of faces. Terrorism has different forms. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most dangerous and unpredictable problems of XXI century. Even nowadays we still do not have any certain definition of terrorism. But we definitely know that terrorism involves violence.


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