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Pepsi manufacturing

Pepsi is a worldwide famous, old, and respectable brand. It has a great history, serious concurrent and regular customers. To open a plant of such popular carbonated soft drink the one should take into account a lot of factors such as country, infrastructure, topographical position, climate, and a lot of other features.

Myths and Reality of Crime

The contemporary justice system is more focused on street crimes and often ignores crimes of powerful, including state, corporate, and white-collar crimes. It is much more significant problem that should be solved by authorities. Let us imagine just for a moment that we addressed to 100 strangers, asking them to describe their opinion of crime and attitude to street and crimes of powerful.

Teenagers magazines

As long as magazines popularize stereotypes, one cannot speak about building a healthy and strong society, where people can freely express themselves. This is something one can learn from analysis of effects and stereotypes present in magazines for young adults.


How to Make a Questionnaire


What for do people need a questionnaire?
Usually a questionnaire is needed by a company or a politician to be aware how their stakeholders or voters feel at a specific period of time. Sometimes they want to know people’s opinion regarding a specific issue. 

Sony Corporation Customer Relation

Sony Corporation, or what is simply known as Sony Company, is a public multinational conglomerate company with a head quarter in Konan Minato, Tokyo Japan.


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