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Modern Racism in America

racism essay

The democratic nominee Barack Obama has given his famous speech titled as A More Perfect Union on March 18, 2008. It became known as the “race speech,” in which Barack Obama explained his attitude to the problem of racism that still existed in the United States. This speech characterizes Barack Obama as a great political leader of America who strived to become a President of the entire American nation, irrespective of races, ethnicities, political viewpoints, religious beliefs, and other factors that divided the multiethnic American people.

The Robotic Surgery essay

robotic surgery essay


The universal robot surgeon that was able to perform operations on different nosology was developed in the late 90s. This robot was called Da Vinci in honor of the great inventor Leonardo da Vinci, who, in his time, built the first anthropomorphic robot that could move his legs and arms, carrying out other actions.

Medical Marijuana sample essay

Medical Marijuana sample essay

Numerous substances available for everyone and less expansive might be helpful in treating the most severe diseases.

Health Services System

Health Services System

The US healthcare system is one of the most expensive in the world. The US government spends milliards of dollars on it. However, it is characterized by decentralization, a highly developed infrastructure of insurance companies, and the lack of state regulation.

How Long is a Short Essay?

How long is a short essay

How Long is a Short Essay? Essential Information
It is impossible to count the number of essays written by students each year, as it is equally impossible to count the stars. Why do students have to write such compositions?


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