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How to write a Movie Review

movie review

In the modern world of global information processes, which is called technogenic civilization, the existence of media space is especially relevant for humanity. The media is becoming a worldwide resource for the economy, culture, and modern life.

Tips on Completing a Critical Thinking Essay

Critical Thinking Essay

Critical thinking is a process that evokes insightful capacities of the mind and assists in the analysis of a certain thing. Due to the use of a system of judgments, you finally produce logical results.

Crucial Information on Essay Structure You Should Know

essay structure

Composing an essay is a process when you need to formulate an argument out of a logical set of information. You are supposed to present ideas in the way that would be easy for the reader’s perception, so an idea at a time is a typical feature of such papers. Once you understand the logic of your reader, you have a chance to compile an engrossing and well-organized written piece.

Gun Control Sample Essay

gun control

With regard to the vast amount of gun-related crimes and mass shootings occurring in the USA in the recent years, the issue of gun control has become extremely topical in the society and causes heated debates between the two groups with opposing views of the problem. 

Chemotherapy Overdose Sample Essay


Cases of overdose resulting from administering chemotherapy are very common. There are numerous factors that contribute to this problem. For example, some medical staff act out of negligence. 


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