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In America, there is a more desired lifestyle that most people aspire to live, American Dream. Great attention is centered on the homeownership and upper mobility aspects of what people call “American Dream.” Many individuals in America believe that this lifestyle is attainable, through hard work and determination. From my point of view, over the years, the insight of the American dream has reformed considerably. Today, the American dream involves the set of expectations that focus on making money and owning property. This study is about the changing perception of the American dream. It seeks to explain the past and present events that affected a substantial change in housing in the American Dream.

My personal interest of this topic is that I intend to study about the changing perception of the American dream. It also intends to show the past and present events that affected a substantial change in housing in the American Dream.

My own knowledge at this moment of the topic is that some aspects in American dream such as personal independence, finding happiness, home ownership, fulfilling one’s potential and freedom of movement has not changed, but remains the same in the past and the present. However, today, most people in America believes that American dream is all about accumulating wealth, getting access to credit, attaining recognition and becoming famous. People are nowadays working extremely hard with the intention of acquiring the material things, fame and attaining the highest rank in the society. Some publics would do anything with the intention of accumulating wealth of become famous, without considering the consequence of the aftermath of the action they take in the process of getting fame and making money. In the past the American dream was centered on middle-class value, family, community and getting married. Today, the American dream is centered on consumption, fame, making more money, independence, and progressing professionally.

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