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Teen Pregnancy within the U.S.

Teen pregnancy became one of the most alarming problems within the United States of America. There are a lot of young mothers, who are raising their children in poverty without thinking about the future. The child takes a great amount of time and according to this, his or her parents have to leave school and devote themselves to a child’s growth. Therefore, teenage pregnancy has basic causes such as general rebelliousness, the desire to be more experienced than his or her contemporaries, and lack of self-esteem. Thus, the study shows that more than 400,000 teenagers at 15-19 ages become mothers every year in America (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011, p. 1). The main problem is that teen pregnancy influences girls’ health and leads to various unpleasant consequences. Teen girls experience emotional, physical, social, and financial costs.

In addition, teenage period is characterized by a burst of sudden and uncontrolled emotions. Teenagers are desperate to feel a real sense of freedom, and that is why they rebel against social rules and norms. However, teen pregnancy has a direct relation to healthcare. Future young mothers are responsible for baby’s birth defects, premature delivery, and even possibilities of miscarriage. The study “Pregnancy and Childbearing among U.S. Teens”emphasizes different problems, which appear in the life of a teen mother. Thus, teen pregnancies cause stress on the family and its emotional and financial state. The great number of sex partners cause harmful and sometimes terrible consequences to future mothers, fathers, and their child. Nowadays, young fathers do not feel responsibilities for their child and his or her mothers. Teen fathers do not agree to change their time spent with friends on sleepless nights and diaper changes. According to the study, “among teenage pregnancies in 2008, 31 percent resulted in abortion”(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011, p. 2). Thus, such resolving of unwanted pregnancy has a terrible impact on woman’s health. The girls, who have an abortion at age 15, in the future cannot have children or such operation definitely damages their health.

Such subjects as risky behavior, teen pregnancy, and casual sex cannot be normal issues in today’s social reality. However, the risk of teen pregnancy is portrayed in a lack of appropriate prenatal care; teen mothers can have various problems with their female health in the future because of violation of the natural process of the body. Teenager’s organism is not ready to experience such emotional and physical load in the age of 15. Adolescent pregnancy is characterized by the enlargement of abdominal area that leads to the weight gain. Pregnant teens experience emotional, physical and mental exhaustion and weariness. In addition, some teen mothers can feel a change in appetite during the pregnancy, a discomfort that is more difficult to experience for them than for an adult woman.

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