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Nuclear Weapons

The fact of possessing nuclear weapons by humanity generates a paradoxical situation: nuclear weapons exist, they are developing, improving, supported by a state of combat readiness, but on the other hand, humanity recognized and stated that it should never be used, since its use will be the last human (extremely inhuman) act. At the same time, it is clear that the widespread and immediate abolition of nuclear weapons is impossible at the moment. There are many varying points of view on nuclear weapons – from its complete rejection, expressed in demands of immediate ban on the research and development of its new kinds, and the destruction of all existing stocks and research laboratories, to uphold the infinite wisdom of further building of so-called “nuclear muscles”.

Hanging over the world’s nuclear threat is recorded and discussed not only in science, art, science fiction, nonfiction works, but also in official government documents. It is repeatedly stated that the atom must be peaceful and that nuclear war means the extinction of human civilization. It is also stated that nuclear weapon could be used to protect the world peace, but only in the worst-case scenario, when there are really no other ways. However, hundreds and thousands of conferences, symposiums, meetings, and negotiations were held, dozens of agreements were signed, including the destruction of the nuclear weapon, but humanity still has the ability of self-destruction. Thus, the problem of nuclear weapon existence and usage becomes a moral issue to be solved.

The middle of the 20th century was marked by the “Cold War”and the “arms race”between the two country titans – the Soviet Union and the United States. In those years, the world literally stood on the brink of the start of World War III, which would have been nuclear and probably literally could have become the humanity’s last war (Shultz, Perry, Kissinger & Nunn, 2007). However, in the 1990s the delicate balance was restored.

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