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Memo writing is a creative process that requires a considerable amount of time and effort. Many students confuse it with letter writing, though these documents have a lot of different features. A memo is a pretty short and concise communication tool that conveys the author`s thoughts or opinions on something. Also, a memo can broadcast recent news or include a call for action. As well as any other document, a memorandum should follow a certain structure. Given the fact that this document is pretty short, it is necessary to admit that including irrelevant information to a memo will significantly affect its quality. A poorly written memo is a total waste of time both for its author and the recipient. Thus, the message should be as clear and concise as possible.

If your memo is longer than a page, you need to send it as an attachment. Keep in mind that a memo is widely used in the business setting as a means of communication. Thus, making it too long, there are high chances that the recipient will just put it away having no time to read your message. In such a way, your purpose will not be achieved. There are three main aims of memo writing:

  •     To convince the reader to take some action;
  •     To issue some directive;
  •     To report about something.

No matter what the purpose of your memo is, you need to organize it properly.

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A common definition says that a memo is a document that is widely used in a corporate setting for communication purposes. In comparison with an e-mail, a memo is less formal. Actually, when it comes to professional memo writing, every detail is important. If you lack the appropriate writing skills or relevant experience, you should hire a professional memo writer, who would complete this document instead of you.

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If you are searching for professional assistance with memo writing, you should consider ordering it at our trustworthy writing website. To guarantee the top-notch quality results to all our clients, we have employed the most skilled, experienced, and responsible memo writers, who are capable of tackling the most challenging instructions. If you allow us to take care of your memo, you will be absolutely satisfied with the result of our work because we know a lot of tips and secrets of professional memo writing. So, if you are experiencing some trouble with writing your memo, our writing pool is always at your disposal. Becoming our customer, you need to provide us with your personal information so that our managers could reach you in case of having any questions or concerns about your order. Also, ordering a memo, pay attention to the word count. As such, one double-spaced page contains 300 words, whereas one page single-spaced will include 600 words. 

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Purchasing a custom memorandum on our user-friendly website, you will get a lot of fantastic benefits. First and foremost, you can be certain that the most skilled and professional memo writer will be assigned to your order. All our experts are aware of the common writing standards and can follow them attentively, which makes us the best team in the writing industry. The ordering process is also pretty easy and convenient. You can just ask our support managers “write my memo” or place your order manually using the easy and straightforward guidelines on our website.

How to Write a Memo? Useful Information

If you are willing to work on your memo paper, make sure to follow our efficient suggestions that will help you create a truly winning piece. 

Know Your Audience

We assure you that it is crucially important to know your recipient as it will allow you to choose the right tone for your document. For example, you can write your memo to a colleague, boss, subordinate, or any other person. In each of these documents, the tone of your message, as well as its overall content, will be pretty different. If you know that your recipient has some background information on the subject of your memo, make sure not to include it in your document. However, if you know that the topic of your memo is brand new for your addressee, you may contextualize it in your memo. After all, no matter who your recipient is, they have no time to read a poorly organized message. 


Being a means of business communication, a memo should sound professional and correct. However, at the same time, it should not sound too formal or pretentious. As you can see, you need to find a balance that will help you send an informative message to your colleague. Pay attention that when it comes to memo writing, each detail matters, so you need to be very attentive when writing this document.

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You probably think “There are a lot of companies offering their memo writing help. What makes your memo writing service so special?” You should know that our status as the leading writing provider was achieved over many years of hard work. As a reliable memo writing service, we strive for excellence in everything. In particular, we guarantee the following privileges to all the customers, who decide to buy a memo here:

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Memo Format Aspects

Before you start writing a legal memo, you should clearly understand its purpose. Knowing your goal, you will understand what kind of document you are going to write – an informative or a persuasive one. So, let us figure out the key memo formatting aspects:

    • The length of your memo should be approximately 1-1.5 page;
    • There should be a date, a recipient, and a subject;
    • There should be headings and subheadings in order to make your document easy-to-read;
    • In case there is some attachment that should be studied along with the memo, make sure to mention it.

Basically, a memo should include the name of the writer and the recipient along with their job positions. Then, there should be a subject of a memo informing the recipient of what is the memo about. After the subject, there should be the main body of the memo, which includes two paragraphs. The first paragraph should inform the recipient about an issue and the second paragraph should explain what is required. Finally, the author should end their memo with a signature. For more information about common memo writing format, you may look for some memo writing samples available on the web. Undoubtedly, having a good example before your eyes, you will be able to cope with your task easier.

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