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A PPT Poster is referred to a poster composed in PowerPoint. It should be noted that it usually comprises only ONE extensive slide. Such a poster is supposed to include research aim, questions, methods, discussion, and conclusion. In the majority cases, a PPT Poster may comprise graphs, tables, pictures, charts, etc). In case you are unsure whether you are capable of preparing it yourself, you can always ask our experts: “Could you do my PPT poster presentation for me, please?”

An academic and professionally composed presentation poster is one of the frequently given tasks to students in different educational institutions worldwide. It is a visual representation of the thorough investigation of a peculiar topic. In order to design an excellent PPT poster, students are to possess excellent research, writing, analytical, design and critical thinking skills. Evidently, it is not very simple to present a significant amount of info in one PPT slide. To perform this task efficiently, students should apply appropriate and relevant illustrations, graphs, figures, charts, and other features to present their ideas clearly.


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How to Make a Poster in PowerPoint: Basic Aspects

It is worth noting that there are a great number of creative and effective alternatives for designing a poster in PowerPoint, and it is an easy process for the designers. 

Poster Setup and Dimensions 

A poster is to be designed as one slide in PowerPoint.

You should select height and width under "Custom." (Average sizes may range from 24" high x 36" wide to a conference poster as large as 36" high x 48" wide. You should select "Ensure Fit" so as to avoid the info loss.

Practical Tips on Design

Unless you plan to present some types of visuals, info is of great significance in the design of the poster. This type of assignment should be very informative, graphically and visually appealing, and easy to understand. It should clearly detail the topic, scope, thesis, methodology, results, conclusions, as well as recommendations. It is advised to include the following: presenter(s) name(s), academic program or course, faculty supervisor(s), project title, as well as the date due. 

Prepare drafts of your poster so that your faculty supervisor could point out both weak and strong side of your project.


Color Choices & Backgrounds

Make specific emphasis on the contrast between the text color and the background. 
Take into account that colors on the computer monitor may not reproduce what is needed on a shared screen since settings of the monitor color differ significantly. 


Tyr to limit the image resolution up to 150 dpi in order to ensure the ability to transfer the slide to the shared screen. Consider that all the graphics ought to be pictures inserted directly into the PowerPoint (not taken from other programs). The image format preferred for all the inserted images is called JPEG in case a transparent background is not needed.
If you have charts or graphs from Excel to incorporate in the poster, you should copy them in Excel and then paste into PowerPoint.

Avoid enlarging the images after you have inserted them into PowerPoint.

Design of the Text

It is recommended to apply a font that is cross-platform so as to ensure that the poster retains the text, needed spacing, as well as looks you plan. If you utilize a downloaded font specific to a certain environment, for example, only to Mac, or only to Windows, you should embed it in your PDF. The rule of thumb should be applied for the sizes of font: Title 72-120; Subtitles 48-80; Headers in the Sections 36-72; and Body Text 24-48.

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