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Academic writing is one of the most common assignments students have to deal with. Unfortunately, whether you are a natural born writer or not, you have to complete a task and you’d better do it well as your final grade depends on it greatly. It is equally difficult to write a paper on a given topic and be required to come up with one. Whatever way you have to do it, a writing task requires outstanding research and academic writing skills. Therefore, a writing assignment may turn into quite a serious dilemma for students. The majority of them need outside help in order not to fail the course. The sooner you apply for help, the better the result will be. Some students prefer to have their papers written for them; others believe that they can succeed on their own. If you are going to complete your writing assignment by yourself, our website is one of the sources that you can and should use to produce a fine piece of writing. We provide you with helpful writing tips to ensure that your academic success is way above average.

Academic Writing Tips

Accomplishing a writing assignment on your own will give you a sense of personal achievement. There is something special about going through all the ups and downs and finally reaching a set goal. It gives you a feeling of becoming more independent and mature. However, if the task is not accomplished, it may really shatter you. Therefore, before starting working on your paper, make sure that the writing process is carefully planned. Good planning is the halfway to success!

Choosing a Topic

Any paper starts with choosing a topic. Why is choosing a topic so important? The topic is the first thing the reader sees; thus, it is what creates the first impression. For sure, you want the first impression to be positive, and it means that you need to come up with an interesting and catchy topic for your paper.
When choosing the topic, you should remember that you need to possess enough information on it and know where to look for more so that you can provide an absorbing and fully comprehensive paper. If the topic is chosen for you, make sure you research it thoroughly and the professor’s expectations are met. Once you have gathered enough information, write an outline of your paper; it will largely facilitate your further writing process. Divide your paper into sections and subsections and plan what information goes to which part. Then, you should think of a thesis statement in order to clarify what the main point of the paper is and direct your future reader’s expectations. Also, include a possible solution to the main problem raised in the introduction. As you write your paper, pay attention to smooth transitions and make sure the flow of the language is fluent logically leading to the solution.


Using credible sources is vitally important for your paper. Therefore, when proving your point, support it with facts taken from reliable and up-to-date sources. You should also remember that proper citation gives you extra points and your professor’s recognition; thus, don’t forget to check the required format manual.

Determine Your Stance

In the paper, you may want to prove some idea/theory or deliver a particular message. Therefore, you should make sure that the layout of your paper is coherent and a reader can easily follow the flow of your ideas. If your objectives are stated clearly, the reader’s interest is guaranteed to be caught. However, in most cases, the topic you are working on has been researched before. Therefore, it is important to infuse some novelty into your work; you should discover some new facts or come up with another creative approach. Try to make a significant addition to the researched field. It will establish you as an outstanding student and researcher and bring the reader’s recognition.

The Content of the Paper

Any paper should consist of an introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion are the main parts as any professor looks though them first.

The introduction serves as a guide for the reader informing them about the rationale behind the work, justifying why your study is important in the particular field. When writing an introduction, you start with a broad overview gradually narrowing it down to the thesis statement or argument of your paper. The latter are the final element of your introduction. The introduction should be informative yet concise, which makes it a tricky part to write. Therefore, experienced students prefer to leave it for later. Once the paper is ready, they go back to the introduction and write it extensively ensuring that no important bits are missed.

What comes between the introduction and conclusion is known as the main body, where you demonstrate your knowledge of the topic including all the relevant evidence and analyzing it. The structure of the main body depends on the wording and topic of the assignment. You divide the gathered material into sections and broader categories into subsections, thus making your paper look well-organized. You can also use different pictures, figures, and tables to support your evidence. Do not forget to use direct and indirect quotations to prove your ideas and cite them properly.

The conclusion should be a logical ending to what have been previously discussed. It should reinforce the importance of the thesis statement and give your paper a sense of completeness. The same simple structure used in the introduction should be applied in the conclusion. An additional element that can be included to the conclusion is recommendations for future actions. The conclusion should be written in your own words; therefore, you should avoid using direct quotations or other sources.

At the end of your paper, you compile a bibliography. A bibliography is a list of sources that are used to write the paper. A standard information mentioned in the reference list includes the author’s name (usually, the last name comes first), title, publisher, and the date the source was published. However, you should check the required format rules as they all have their own peculiarities. Remember to list the sources in alphabetical order. You will probably need between 10 and 20 sources for most writing assignments.

You may also want to include some information in an appendix. This information is usually not essential to your research; however, it supports your study, proves your conclusion, or is related to the topic in some way. Each separate appendix should be lettered (e.g. Appendix A, Appendix B, etc.).

Things to Avoid

Avoid being vague or confusing. The reader needs to see that you understand the researched topic. The language should be eloquent and precise. Be careful when beginning a sentence with a conjunction. In academic writing, it is strongly recommended to avoid starting a sentence with ‘and,’ ‘but,’ etc. Keep it simple; stick to one particular point in a sentence. However, make sure to write in complete sentences avoiding sentence fragments. Remember that the verb has to agree with the subject in person and in number. You should also avoid run-on sentences; use punctuation or add words to separate such sentences. Choose the right words, e.g. ‘then’ vs. ‘than.’ Also, use commas correctly. Avoiding these pitfalls will show that you are a competent writer.

Edit and Proofread Your Work

Once the paper is complete, go though it carefully to make sure that there are no mistakes left. Such errors might include typos, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, unnecessary repetition, wrong grammar, or inappropriate tone. You should also make sure that the format of the paper is correct. Overlooking these issues could significantly decrease the quality of your work, and, consequently, the final grade. Sometimes it is better if someone else proofreads your paper. PerfectEssaysOnline.com has professional editors who can help you improve your work. If you are interested in professional assistance, contact our company and we will assign one of our editors who is competent in the field of your research to proofread your work.

Services We Offer

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