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A Few Notes on Homosexuality

Homosexuality is perceived in a different way by different people. Although the majority says that homosexuals are very different from straight people, the evidence shows that these assumptions are not true. Homosexuality is built on several concepts that make it peculiar, but do not make homosexuals completely different from heterosexual people.

The first concept is sexual preference versus sexual orientation. Gay people do not prefer to be attracted to the representatives of the same gender. Therefore, sexual preference is not the appropriate term to define the being homosexual. Sexual orientation is more correct name for the natural characteristics. Along with orientation, many people put the concept of choice as the primary cause of homosexuals being attracted to the representatives of the same gender. Since sexual orientation is a natural concept predetermined by biological and environmental factors, it cannot be referred to as a choice. Gay people do not choose to be homosexuals; they just become aware of their being attracted to people of the same sex step by step. The concept evaluated together with choice and orientation is lifestyle. Many people are inclined to think that there is a special ‘homosexual lifestyle’. The reality is that the lifestyle of gay people does not differ much from that of straight. Lifestyle is a way a person chooses to live, not the way to be. At this point, another concept arises: natural versus not natural. Being gay cannot be regarded as something unnatural as many living organisms are proved to have homosexual relationships. Many questions are raised concerning gay sexual activities or the biblical approach.

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