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For a long time, the issue of cannabis legalization has been one of the most controversial in the US. After the ban was lifted in certain states, the heated debates over the legal and ethical aspects of marijuana use got even more intense. A marijuana legalization essay is one of the most common students’ tasks as there are still a lot of questions open for discussion. Is it right to legalize marijuana for everybody? How dangerous is it to have marijuana in open access? Which implications are the most hazardous? People do not have a unanimous opinion on that problem; that is why a marijuana essay can present your individual view of the issue. It is a challenge for a student to weigh all pros and cons and arrive at a decision when the problem is so burning and complicated. Besides, students are typically pressed for time and cannot spend hours on a single assignment. What we offer you is a chance to have more free time and submit top notch papers at your college or university. We do understand that you cannot cope with all your plans, occasions, events, communication, family, and studies in 24 hours. Thus, we are ready to help!

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Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana legalization is an area that attracts great public deliberations in America and most parts of the world. Apparently, people are usually not aware of the most recent information on the health implications of consuming the drug, or the dissimilarity between national and state laws regarding the drug. However, the public is mostly fed with information from the media as well as popular cultures, the proponents of marijuana as a medicine, which propagate the fake conception that the drug is non-detrimental. It is prudent to lay out the raw facts about marijuana so that the public may not be misled into believing what is not as far as consumption of the drug is concerned. This article will focus on a debate on whether or not marijuana should be legalized, by highlighting the legal as well as the health implications of such an attempt.

Marijuana is a type of illicit drug that is mainly used for its psychoactive effects. It is one of the most abused drugs in the United States and in the world at large. In the modern world, marijuana is used for the recreational purposes and for its medicinal value (Gottfried 68). It is also used to carry out some spiritual rites in some parts of the world. The drug is believed to bring about an intensified mood and relaxation in a person hence its wide usage. Legalization of marijuana is a controversial issue and that is what makes this topic a debatable one (Radcliffe). Most of the regions in the United States have been reluctant to legalize this drug although there are some states such as Colorado and Washington that have already legalized it.

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