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The reason for writing this report is to recommend people not to drink and drive. Therefore, I request permission to write a recommendation report to persuade drivers not to drink before driving and to educate them. The audience for the proposal includes every driver. Based on intensive research that I have done I would like people across the world to stop this habit of drinking and driving. Let us join each other and work together to stop this habit.


Drinking and driving has always been the major cause of accidents in United States of America and also in other parts of the world. In USA at least 10,000 people die as a result of not sober driving. This number of death implies that every day more than 25 people will die due to driving under the influence of alcohol. “The number of deaths will be rising as the population grows and if effective measures that can help prevent deaths and injuries from alcohol-impaired driving are not take into account”(Saunders and Rey).

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As evident from the above figures, drinking driving has caused many people to suffer. Many people have lost their loved ones while others have experienced serious injuries. Some of the young children are also losing their parents or guardians, while others are becoming victims of this habit. However, each death and injury caused by drink driving can be prevented.

Although many states have made significant efforts to reduce the number of crashes in recent decades, a wide range of accidents is still caused by drunk driving (Saunders and Rey). One way to deal with drink driving is to explain to the drivers all bad aspects and terrible results of drinking and driving. Educating them will persuade them to be reasonable, responsible, and avoid the habit of drinking before driving. People who like partying should always have a designated driver. Strict laws should be imposed on people who are driving under the influence of alcohol. The law in favor of lowering the BOC limit to less than 0.08 should be enforced. Breathalyzer tests should be done at least two times a day and overtime policemen should be deployed around the clubs. These simple ways can reduce the losses that are caused by drink-driving. All people should join hands with the necessary authority to reduce the number of accidents caused by impaired drivers.

Description of Project

As stated earlier, my proposal is to provide the best recommendation to reduce drink driving to zero. To my mind, it is important for the government and the people to unite in order to implement my recommendation. “Drinking and driving can be stopped if the government puts strict measures”(Dionne, Laberge-Nadeau).

According to Georges Dionne and Claire Laberge-Nadeau, “drunk driving is primarily not a police concern but the national and state problem.”Even the smallest amount of alcohol increases the risk that drivers will cause a car accident and murder or injure themselves or other people.

Therefore, “alcohol impairment is viewed as a major factor in traffic fatalities”(Cacciabue, HjГ¤lmdahl, Luedtke, and Costanza). In the United States drunk driving is still among the leading types of arrest carried out by the police. Moreover, the amount of alcohol-related crashes and deaths is increasing among teenagers.

Specific Plan

To begin with, it is necessary to investigate the current research studies devoted to drunk drivers and also point out the most important tendencies of the issue. Then, I will describe the problem in detail and provide an accurate analysis of the factors that increase the risk of drunk driving and its harmful consequences. Furthermore, a special attention should be paid to the possible ways of solving the issue, as explained later in this proposal.


As a student, I am interested in the issues of driving. I am aware of all dangerous aspects connected with drunken drivers. It is necessary for every driver to be familiar with and well-informed about this urgent and serious problem. Thus, my recommendation report will be concerned with analyzing the risks and ways of preventing of drinking and driving.

Risks and Possible solutions

Based on my extensive research, here are the details of the risks and possible solution to reduce drink driving to zero. The first one is the use of designated driver. “A designated driver is an individual who agrees to abstain from alcohol and drive others home”(Saunders and Rey). There are many establishments that provide non-alcoholic drinks to these drivers. Designated drivers save more than 50,000 lives and spare hundreds of thousands of people from suffering serious injuries due to drinking and driving. More than 90% of those people who drink alcohol would like to have a designed driver. Therefore, the figures of people who are using designated drivers are increasing, as many people become aware of their benefits. These drivers will help your family and friends to avoid fines, embarrassment, prevent fatal accidents, and stay out of jail.

There should be increasing awareness about the dangers of drunk driving among drivers. Drivers should be also informed about the existing laws, the risks of being arrested and the consequences of this behavior. “Educating drivers about the risks that they will face is a critical element toward reducing the number of alcohol-related accidents”(Linsley, Kane, and Owen). We can achieve public education through the designated driver campaigns, professional training of drivers in driving schools, and educating young people about the risks of drunk driving. Training servers in places where alcohol is present should be also put in place.

While some people may be ignorant, others are not aware of some of the benefits of being sober while driving. Therefore, it is the role of the necessary authority to ensure that they have educated the public on the advantages of not drinking and driving. However, education should not be done by the authority alone. It is also our obligation to ensure that we are safe. Remember, you play a big role in ensuring that you are safe, not the police. Therefore, do not allow your friends and family to drink and drive.

There should be roadblocks in all major roads. Some states have strict laws against drunk driving. Some states require that any person convicted for drunk driving outfits his or her vehicle with ignition interlock device which prevent his or her car to start in case alcohol is detected on the driver’s breath. If he or she fails to comply, he or she will be jailed for three days and pay a heavy fine of not more than 4000 dollars. In addition, drivers are at a risk of losing their driving license for three months or lose their job. “The supreme court of the USA has allowed police to put roadblocks as long as they have make an effort of minimizing delays for sober drivers and also if they have publicize the checkpoint”(Linsley, Kane, and Owen). Another solution to reduce the number of accidents that occur due to drunk driving is lowering the required alcohol limit. All states in the United States were required to lower the blood-alcohol content (BAC) to 0.05. If a person is found driving his or her car having passed this legal limit, he or she will be arrested. The research has found that drivers whose BAC is above 0.05 are more likely to cause accidents in which people may die or be injured. “Many people will still die or injured if they are allowed to drive with BAC of over 0.05″(Linsley, Kane, and Owen). ” We may not lower the death and injuries that are caused by drink driving if we cannot lower the BAC to lower than 0.08″(Linsley, Kane, and Owen). That is why lowering the BAC is among the top possible solution proposed by this report.

More policemen should be deployed downtown to patrol this area and arrest those people who are not sober while driving. “Deploying officers in this area might be expensive because they are supposed to be paid overtime”(Jacobs). According to Jacobs, placing two officers down would cost $50,000 a year. Therefore, we must come up with the best possible way to fund them. One way is for the bar owners to pay for deploying extra police over the weekend. Police department should also increase the license fees in order to pay those policemen who will be patrolling these areas over the weekend. Another way to fund this idea is to charge directly drinkers who drive with the above legalized limit of BOC. Police will collect enough money to pay for the overtime services if they consider these ideas.

Conclusion and recommendation

Following my extensive research of the risks that are caused by drink driving, I will recommend that people should not drink and drive. If people attend social events where alcohol is served, they should have a designated driver who will drive them after the occasion. Also, stiff penalties should be imposed on those who drive under influence of alcohol. I hope that my proposal will be accepted, which will allow me to propose a recommendation report to assess the potential benefits and risks of drunk driving.

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