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Technical writing is a style of technical communication. It is widely spread in different technical fields, i.e. computer technologies, finance, electronics, chemistry, medicine, etc. Technical writing is performed by a professional writer who possesses strong skills and is proficient in technologies, devices, and IT systems.

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The sole purpose of technical writing is to give the deeper understanding of the subject. That is why it almost excludes any creativity. Rational and sufficient explanation is on the basis of a good technical paper. User manuals, business proposals, product descriptions, and job application are perfect examples of technical writing.

In practice, technical writing process is extremely important and useful. Its aim is to analyze and explain different processes whatever their intended purposes are. Installation and configuration of a particular tool or service are much easier to deal with when you have a clear and practical guideline.

Technical writing goes along with the complex ideas, which must be analyzed and explained by the author in the most efficient manner. The very important thing is to make the material easy-to-understand for both technical and non-technical audiences. As a rule, technical writing finds its reflection in such documents as help files, guides, instructions, and research papers. Let us introduce you a few main steps of technical writing process.


First of all, a technical writer collects all valuable information related to the topic. On this stage, we have to set the goal we want to achieve and determine the purpose of our writing task. Using all the authentic and reliable sources, we gather the data and choose the better way of its presentation. The next step is to organize all the information. Try to divide your document into sections using headings and subheadings. It will help the reader hold the main idea and concepts of your technical writing.

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Progress in Writing

After assembling all the data, we start the pre-writing phase. A draft form is a backbone of your document. You organize all the info in logical order trying to give your reader the better understanding of the particular issue you describe. You pay close attention to the format and put stress on the most important points.


Re-writing is a very important stage of technical writing process. After our draft is completed, we reread it and make all necessary corrections: expel errors, delete unnecessary sentences, and adjust the format. The writer should make sure that he/she follows all the instructions and fulfills requirements. Check if the information is submitted in logical order. There are some useful tips that can help you improve your writing skills and abilities:

Use Other Technical Writing Examples

Reading other authors and analyzing good examples will help you improve your skills. You will fill gaps in every aspect from collecting and organization of the sources to writing style.

Determine the Audience

Documentation and technical writing is read by everyone regardless of his/her competence and level of education. That is why your language must be simple, without complex technical statements. Explain all the unfamiliar definitions and try to use words in the efficient manner. Accentuate the most important information and avoid artistic expressions or personalization. Metaphors, humor, superlatives should not be included in the technical papers.

Adhere to the Format Requirements

If your paper is well-written, that is definitely an advantage. But, you shouldn’t forget about the format. Numbered lists, subheadings as well as long and small paragraphs will help you emphasize the key points.

Editing as an Essential Process of Technical Writing

Basically, editing stage includes checking the finished paper for all types of mistakes. You look through the work, reread it, eliminate grammar and spelling mistakes, and refine your paper. You can resort to peer review, which, undoubtedly, guarantees a better final result. However, don’t start editing right after your technical document has been completed. Relax and give yourself a rest. Free your mind from thinking and analyzing. Only after that, you can start polishing your paper to perfection.

Feedback and Reviews

It is a well-known fact that we learn from our mistakes. Among numerous techniques, one of the most effective is improvement via analyzing. An adequate critic indicates your weak points and helps you become better. Develop your skills and succeed in technical writing.

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