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Ask about professional essay revision help and save your valuable time. When a student enters a university, he/she has to put its utmost efforts to perform all tasked academic assignments. Nevertheless, not every student has enough abilities and knowledge to write a proper and worthy document that is fully suitable for the requested level. As a rule, the first rough copy always needs to be revised and proofread.

Our essay revising help has been established to assist students in reintroducing their works. Our company offers the correction of the paper following the instructions of your lecturer. The editor typically checks the relevancy of the data while essay revising, determines concepts and meanings, explains the necessary details.

You have no idea what to do after the first submission? Did your lecturer give back your work for rewriting? Anytime your paper needs proper revision, PerfectEssaysOnline.com is at your disposal. Our employees can refine your work and help you to get the desired mark.

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Our Revision Company: Make Your Work Perfect

The central goal of an essay revising help is to provide works of amazing quality to the customers buying revision orders. Revision usually helps to keep the work instead of removing it from your computer or just throwing it away. Revising your essay we literary give it the second life. Undoubtedly, every student can revise a paper on its own without additional specialized help. Nevertheless, such individual work cannot promise unconditional success since a student is not enough experienced and skilled to deal with such a challenging task alone. That is why in such a case, an essay revision service is quite helpful, as we hire only highly qualified in the sphere of academic writing can promise you outstanding paper keeping all rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Essay Revision Assistance Online

PerfectEssaysOnline.com is a quite famous writing company among students from all the possible countries since it saves students from a need to put their utmost effort and sacrifice their personal time to achieve success in research activity. If a student truly has not enough appropriate skills and knowledge for successful academic writing, he/she will have no chances to deal with paper revision and correction. Our essay revision help company was founded with a sincere purpose to help students resubmit their academic works for academies and universities. When you ask us: "Revise my essay, please" it means editing and proofreading, which involves correcting all kinds of mistakes we meet in the text. When you look for the professional help from our authors, don't forget to send us the newly updated lecturer's notes about the necessary changes, so it will be easier for our employees. When it is necessary, our authors take the commitment of removing unneeded or not relevant data, or the opposite, adding something.

If you are upset after the first essay submission and have no idea how to refine your work following the lecturer's instructions or notes, ask our professional company about assistance. Just contact us with words: "help revise my essay for me, please" and wait for the soonest reply from our client support department. With our assistance, you will surely need no more paper revisions. Believe us!


Distinctions between Paper Revision and Rewriting

For those students who doubt which actually writing service they need - revision or rewriting, it is important to say that there is a big distinction between them. Rewriting is a part of revision services but it mostly concentrates on paraphrasing the work in a different way. On the other side, revision services strive to refine works in quality - not simply changing the phrases.

When you wish your work to be revised, our essay writers will take care to check that your paper is free from all possible kinds of mistakes. Our service experts will accurately control that your scientific paper is edited and proofread. When you order your work to be only revised, remember that the content will not be changed. The structure or order of paragraphs may be softly refreshed but the main content of what you have composed will stay the same. If you wish to change the content of your work (due to irrelevancy or you did not fully disclose the issue of the task), pay attention that you will need to order only rewriting services. If you need this service, your assigned author may probably need to perform additional research to find more beneficial data to your content.

Functions and Offers of Our Revision Service

Our authors put much effort to make the works that you provide us for revision are really amazing from the position of content, composition, paragraph structure, vocabulary selection, grammar, and punctuation. The central purpose of our best essay editing company is to make your work great from all points of view. Our service's authors promise that their revision work will fully satisfy your needs. You can now relax as much as you wish once you made an order from a professional PerfectEssaysOnline.com company.

PerfectEssaysOnline.com Deeply Worries about Your Paper Composition

It is not strange at all that the first thing that attracts attention to your work is the method of its organization. Your viewer can produce a certain opinion about your work and even your special treatment to it only grounding on its visual representation. That is why it is important to create a plan for the work to make sure that the composition is plain and understandable. Each part of any work has its specific mission or purpose.

So, remember that you have at least the basic parts of the paper:

Introduction, which aims to be an anchor to attract the attention of the target public;

Body paragraphs, which show the depth of research and provide efficient argumentation and proves;

Conclusion, which repeats the central idea of the work and reemphasizes the results.

If you included all these parts, it means that your work has a basic structure.

When you ask about revising your work, our authors always check if your work involves all the earlier mentioned parts. In addition, they pay attention if the thesis statement is presented in the work (if is an essay kind of writing or a research document) and how it is written. Besides, our service experts will check if the ideas discussed in the work correspond to the claim formulated in the thesis.


Our professional and skilled editors pay specific attention to the errors made in the work. The work is scanned for misspellings and additionally checked for more serious mistakes. Usually works given on revision have enough mistakes (mainly grammar and vocabulary). When you ask our company about revising your essay, stay sure that you will receive perfect work.

Language and Format

Our revision company experts also guarantee that your revised work will be of appropriate format and language style. The tone of writing is quite meaningful so we double-check the way of document writing matches the instructions. Our authors are well informed in various academic writing formats, so do not hesitate to order revision services from us with all possible styles such as PA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford, or any other.

Writing Style

Our authors never undervalue the meaning of the general writing style. So, if you ask us: "revise my essay" (which normally has to follow the journalistic style), our authors will pay attention to this detail.

Accurate and severe check for vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors;

In-time performance and delivery of the revised work;

24/7 availability of the company and help from the client support department. We are quickly and easily accessed at any time, and also on weekends.

Efficient assistance from our authors. Our service hires academic experts who are specialists in academic writing and who are native representatives of English. In addition, all authors working for us have scientific levels such as BA, MA or PhD.

Our clients always have a possibility to select preferred authors to work on the paper revision. You can read customers’ comments about each of the authors in the feedback part of the Internet page. In such a way you can decide which author is more suitable for you.

Our service's prices are reasonable and obtainable.

We propose a strict privacy policy and we control that your personal and contact details stay hidden and protected.

Our service proposes a money-refund guarantee if your selected author was not able to revise the work properly following your instructions.

The price for services in PerfectEssaysOnline.com company begins at $7,99 per page.

The experience of dealing with PerfectEssaysOnline.com will be surely one of the best for you. Our professional authors will create exactly the type of work you require. All you need to do to receive a revised paper is to fill in the order registration form, send us the detailed requirements, and wait a little bit until one of our authors copes with your work.

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Stages for Revising Your Work

When you have enough time to revise, direct this time to work on your paper and to take some breaks from writing. If you can stop working with your paper for a couple of days then you can come back to it with a fresh outlook. While the revising process, take breaks for at least for 2 times - the first time during the first part of the process, when you are reorganizing your work, and the second time during the next part, when you are polishing and paying attention to small details.

Apply the next questions to estimate your drafts. You can use your answers to revise your works by reorganizing them to underline the most remarkable points, by adding necessary data, by excluding irrelevant data, and by clarifying parts or sentences.

Find Your Central Point

What do you want to say about your work? Simply saying, try to sum up your thesis, or central idea, and the evidence you are applying to support it. Try to imagine that this work belongs to another person. How do you think does it have a plain thesis? Do you have an idea of what the work is going to speak about?

Determine your target public and your aim.

What are you trying to reach in the work? Simply saying, are you trying to dispute with the reading, to analyze it, to estimate the reading, to apply the reading to another case, or to reach another aim?

Estimate your evidence.

Does the body of your work support the thesis? Do you propose enough evidence to support your idea? If you are applying citations from the text as proves, did you quote them correctly?

Save only the worthy pieces.

Do all of the ideas concern the thesis? Is there anything that does not concern? If yes, you have to change the thesis or cut the main idea.

Clean up your language.

Do all of the ideas have a sense? Are there any unclear, misleading ideas or phrases? Reread your work and catch the awkward breaks and misleading ideas. Get rid of unnecessary words and wrongly used phrases.

Look at the Purdue OWL's podcast on cutting during the revision stage, it might be very helpful.

Liquidate errors in grammar and usage

Do you notice any issues with grammar, punctuation, or spelling? If you consider something is not right, you have to pay attention to it, even if you have no idea how to fix it. You can always ask PerfectEssaysOnline.com service: "How to revise an essay?"

Turn from author-centered to reader-centered.

Try to separate yourself from what you've composed; pretend that you are looking at work of some other person. What would you call the best part of the work? Reasons? How to make this part even more successful? What would you call the worse part of the work? Reasons? How to refine this part?

Remember, if you need any writing assistance, message us right now: "help revise my essay for me, please."

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