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It is a common task for the students to write essays on various controversial topics. One of the common ones is “Pros and cons of abortion”. Essay writing is essential for all the students as it facilitates developing skills required for their study, broadens the outlook, and extends their knowledge about essential topics. A diligent student knows how to do the needed research, get to know more, and present the views in a coherent essay. Even if the topic is challenging, like it is with an abortion essay, it is recommendable to the students to be persistent and at least make several attempts to work on the given topics. It is understandable that it is a tough assignment as writing an abortion argumentative essay requires extensive research and a lot of efforts; however, you will definitely succeed if you try. You can demonstrate that you are creative and thoughtful in your writing if you include your opinions and try to be innovative to make your essay original and unique. However, if you feel that for some reason it will not be possible, you can order an abortion essay from a reliable online service.

The reasons of abortions

Approximately 46 million abortions are conducted on women yearly around the world. About a million of these abortions take place in the United States with the rate being highest among women of 15 to 26 years. Human life is said to begin at conception this makes the act of abortion an evil among the society. This is because abortion leads to the taking life of an innocent victim given no chance to make an option whether to live or not.

The definition of an abortion or termination of pregnancy revolves around the idea of removal of an embryo or a fetus from the uterus before the maturity and validation of this embryo or fetus. There can be safe abortions conducted in hospitals where the law allows the practice of abortion. Unsafe abortions are those conducted in secrecy where the law does not agree nor allow the abortion practice. Historical, the procedure of abortion has been long in practice with the use of herbs and other traditional methods meant to induce the abortion.

Either abortion can be induced or spontaneous induced abortions are those that are intentionally undertaken while spontaneous abortions are the unintended abortions. Induced abortions can be due to medical reasons where the mother’s life is at risk, and non-medical reasons where the mother chooses to undertake the abortion for other reasons.

Pro-life supporters argue that abortion amounts to the loss of life for the unborn baby who also has the right to life. On the other hand, pro-choice activists argue that the mother has a right to make a choice due to the reproduction rights given to women. The number of abortions taking place is drastically high, and this can be reduced by the encouraging adoptions as a way of getting rid of the unborn babies rather than engaging in abortions.

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