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Picking the right direction in the nursing area is the most essential decision. You need to know exactly what kind of nurse you want to be.

Since there is a large number of nursing specialties it is sometimes hard for potential nurses to make the right choice. The applicants who intend to gain a specific qualification in nursing should know they have to pass some tests and undertake on-the-job training program.

When choosing a specific course in nursing, you should pay attention not only to such an aspect as a nurse salary. Still, if you want to know what wage you can receive while working as a nurse, access our site – There, you will find accurate data on the profits different types of nurses can earn.

It is believed that there is an inequality in the salaries received by male and female nurses. Taking into account that there are many myths concerning the role of gender in nursing, we have decided to conduct our own research to make everything clear. Thus, according to the analyzed statistical data, we have found out that both female and male nursing staff gets the same salaries. One should understand that pay has to depend on the fulfilled responsibilities and not gender. Otherwise, it is direct gender discrimination.

It is clear that everyone works hard to achieve their career aspiration. As a result, nurses as other employees want to get a handsome salary. Below, there is a list of high paying jobs:

Neonatal Nurses

Such nurses look after premature and/or sick newborn babies. Additionally, they consult the families of newborn babies about how to deal with them.

Gerontological Nurse Practitioners

These specialists have academic degrees in such an area as geriatrics. They can diagnose the condition of patients and make regular medical examinations of family members. As well as other nurses, the geriatric ones should give their elderly patients quality care. As to the gerontology salary, it is quite competitive.

Clinical Nurse Experts

These specialists establish universal standards in a medical care system. Additionally, they make sure that the very standards are reached by other nurses. In order to be a good clinical nurse, one should possess great organizational skills and be able to handle staff/patients issues.

Nurse Practitioners

Their duty is to provide patients with preventive medical care. Nurse practitioners also provide specialty care services for people living in the areas where there is a lack of medical centers. Nurse practitioners usually work in such fields as adult practice, acute care, women’s health, and others. Nevertheless, there are a lot of other medical areas where they can apply their skills and get a good nurse practitioner salary.

Orthopedic Nurses

These medical experts take care of patients who suffer from different diseases of bones and muscles. In addition, they teach patients to differentiate between various orthopedic diseases and provide them with information about different support systems.

Pediatric Endocrinology Nurses

They deal with children who have health problems caused by the disorders of the endocrine system. Pediatric endocrinology nurses explain parents how the mentioned disorders can affect the way their children develop physically and sexually. Such specialists usually get a great pediatric nurse salary.

Certified Nurse Midwives

They take care of women, i.e. make gynecological examinations, help with labor, give advice on how to plan their families, etc. Midwives work in private and state hospitals, different medical centers, and other health-relating organizations. Such nurses should be caring and possess great interpersonal skills.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

They are advanced practice nurses caring about patients who have mental and psychiatric illnesses.

Nurse Researchers

These specialists work for private organizations. They examine different issues in the medical area and then present the obtained results in the form of research works.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

These specialists deal with such thing as anesthesia. They assist surgeons, dentists and other doctors to ensure the anesthesia medications are prescribed correctly.

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