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Childfree: To Be or Not to Be?

Choosing to be child-free is not a whim, but a weighted decision of many contemporary people. Having decided during careless youth to remain childfree till old age, many people still stay free and childless when they reach the birth age. There are many ways to prove this positon and an argumentative essay is the best means of showing that choosing to remain childless is the decision people make basing on personal vision and convictions. Childfree movement is not a new notion, however, it reached its peak of development in 2006 and by now the numbers continue decreasing, having showed 15% by 2014 among women aged 40-44 (Livingston, 2015). Childfree statistics proves the fact that being childless is not a solitary case, but a tendency in the community. Parents are sure that the tendency is wrong and must be eliminated. However, those who have chosen to be childfree are happy with their decision. Opting out of parenthood is a decision people make to devote their life to themselves, not to bear responsibility for others, and be free in time and energy. This childfree essay will prove that being childfree couples is a weighted decision, which deserve special attention and must be accepted by the community without blames and prejudice.

A decision to remain childfree helps people devote their life to themselves. The main argument childfree women and men express is that having refused from children, they are able to do whatever they want without considering the interests of others. A child is constant care. Parents have to consider the interests if their children before making any decision. Travelling is not possible when a child has to go to school. Parents are not able to spend nights in clubs and with friends as they have to take their children to school early in the morning. Each time a mother or a father makes some purchase, they have to refer to the needs of their children firsThe example of an argumentative essay presented in this article is a great finding for those who were tasked to write a paper devoted to being a childfreeThe example of an argumentative essay presented in this article is a great finding for those who were tasked to write a paper devoted to being a childfreet and only then spend money on personal interests. Childless by choice is an opportunity to spend the whole life caring only about personal interests. Active people do not want to be restricted by children and tie them to house. They want to control their lives and that is why they decide to remain childfree.

People chose to stay childfree because they do not want to bear responsibility for others. Having children is a high level of responsibility, not only for their upbringing, but also for their actions and decisions. Each parent should always keep in mind the consequences of personal actions and words. Some people are not ready to bear this responsibility. The contemporary world is full of people with ruined childhood, who subsequently have become criminals. The research conducted by Craparo, Schimmenti, and Caretti (2013) and Cuadra, Jaffe, Thomas, and DiLillo (2014) have confirmed a high prevalence of childhood trauma among criminals. People, who are not ready to bear responsibility for other people, even if they are children, make a responsible choice for the childfree life. Such decision is the best choice, if compared to the cases when parents do not think about their decisions and give birth to children they do not pay enough attention to in the future.

An opportunity to be free in time and energy is another argument in this childfree essay. Each person has a goal and they do all possible to achieve it during the life. Children are considered as the most awaited present, but not for all. Some people want to devote lives for themselves only and want to spend time and energy for them only. Such people are the same as those who want to have children with the only difference that they do not want to spend their time and energy on diapers. Men and women who have decided to be free in their lives usually search for the same people to accompany them. Being childfree does not mean being single; that is why people all over the world initiate childfree dating, where childfree women and men create families.

Despite the presence of numerous arguments in favor of childfree families, such decision contradicts the nature of the universe. The life is given to a person to give life to another person. People are children of God and they have to show their gratitude to life by means of giving birth to another human being. If all people choose to be childfree, the humankind risks to extinct. This is the major argument is support of having children, who give pride and happiness for responsible parents. However, if people are not ready to devote their lives to and to be responsible for children, to spend their time and energy on them, they should not take such a responsibility. Children require much time and attention and those parents who are not ready for it must refuse from giving life to children. There are a lot of abandoned children and criminals with child trauma and if people understand that they will not be able to bring up a deserving member of the society, they should remain childless. Each person has an opportunity to make a choice and no one can restrict him/her in this right given by God.

Should people remain childfree? Answering this question, each person should clearly understand the level of personal responsibility, the desire to remain free in time and energy, and the need to devote personal life to children. There are many people who are not ready to this and they are sure that having children can only spoil their lives and the lives of their future children. Having set the goal to convince people that being childfree is a norm; this argumentative essay has referred to three main reasons of why being childfree is a need for some people despite the fact that parenting is one of the basic predestinations of a human being on the Earth.

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