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Animal testing has recently become one of the most debatable topics in academic writing and in media. As more people around the world want to promote humanity and compassion, the issue of animal testing and the use of animal testing procedures in different spheres of life generate new controversies. If you are looking for quality assistance with your animal testing papers, you are definitely in the right place. We give our hand to you!

Animal Testing Essay

One of the first things you should do when working on your animal testing essays is familiarizing yourself with the topic. You must know what is going on in the world in relation to animal testing, what statistics are available today, and how these data can inform your argument. Of course, as a novice student, you may not know where to find the data needed for your paper. Just look below and see some of the most pertinent animal testing facts that can give you a clue about what is happening around you.

Facts about Animal Testing

Millions of people in all parts of the world have joined the movement to put an end to animal testing. Just a brief insight into the nature and complexities of animal testing can help you design a brilliant animal testing argumentative essay. So, this is what we know so far:

1. Every year, more than 105 million animals lose their lives due to being used and abused in experimental laboratories across the U.S.
2. More than 90 percent of drugs that have been used in laboratory experiments with animals and have successfully passed the trial ultimately fail in human studies. They either do not bring the desired result or cause irreversible damage to human health.
3. The Animal Welfare Act does not cover the animals used officially in medical laboratories as experimental subjects.
4. More than 90 percent of all experimental animals in the U.S. do not even fall into formal statistics. In other words, no one knows how many animals currently suffer from abuse and misuse.
5. India, Israel, and European countries have outlawed the use of animal testing in the cosmetic industry. Now all beauty products created in these countries are safe and nature-oriented.
6. The current law does not protect the rights of animals. Moreover, medical laboratories are not obliged to invite alternative subjects even when they can do it.
7. Statistically, more than 10,000 animals must die before a single cosmetic product or pesticide becomes commercially available.
8. Animals face all kinds of physical tortures. For example, they have to eat carcinogens or expose themselves to pesticides, as experimenters seek to understand how the same substances will affect humans.

Do not hesitate to use this information, as you are working on your argumentative essay on animal testing. Do not forget to mention that the process of recruiting and using animals in experimental studies is neither accurate nor necessary. We have experience writing different essays on animal testing, and we know that professors want to see a strong position on the issue. For example, it is worth noting that companies, which keep using animals in testing and manufacturing, are likely to become less competitive and attractive to potential customers.

Animal testing statistics are a useful source of information for your paper. For instance, you may want to explore how the firms, which have declared abandoning their experiments on animals, have changed their market and competitive position. Here you may note that such companies have witnessed a considerable increase in revenues and have subsequently strengthened their competitive position. In the meantime, consumers are no longer willing to buy their cosmetics from the firms that keep using animals in their experiments.

Save the Animals

Using animals to test products is an important consideration even for the most loyal consumers. You may want to tell your readers that contemporary buyers always check what is written on the label or packaging of the products they are willing to purchase. The “Not tested on animals” draws major attention, and products that bear this label are more likely to be purchased, no matter how expensive they are. In fact, product testing on animals is an interesting subject of research. You may wish to see how it affects businesses, their reputation and public image. You may also want to link their negative image to changes in revenues and profits. This is how you can create a compelling argument!

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