P Useful Hints on how to Compose a Good 5 Paragraph Essay Outline

Main Elements of 5 Paragraph Essay Outline

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Paragraph 1: Introductory Section

The introductory section contains the following items:
Fundamental data: Impart enough facts about your subject so that readers can fully understand what your paper is about.

Thesis statement: It should highlight the main idea of your essay. Thus, readers will clearly see what you are aimed at. A thesis statement should also present a 5 paragraph essay outline of three chief upholding points that will make your paper coherent. It is necessary to admit that a thesis statement is usually presented in the last sentence of the introduction.

In case you are assigned to write a response to a movie or an article, such elements as source title, its author, and literary genre should be also included in the introductory section. 


Paragraph 2: First Body Paragraph

It should start with a topic sentence which presents one of the points supporting a thesis statement that will be discussed in a paragraph.
The following sentences should provide important details about the discussed issue, strong arguments and remarkable examples. Usually, the number of sentences of a well-thought-out paragraph ranges from 5 to 8.

The paragraph has to be well-organized. It means that its ideas should be closely connected with each other and have a direct connection with a topic sentence. In other words, the paragraph sentences should be focused on the main idea.

Paragraph 3: Second Body Paragraph

This paragraph as well as a previous one should start with a topic sentence presenting the idea that will be discussed.
When writing any of the paper sections, i.e. an outline for 5 paragraph essay, introduction, body or conclusion, remember there should be smooth transitions between them. Mind the following:
Linking words and phrases should be placed both at be beginning of the body paragraphs and between them to establish a logical connection between your ideas.
When revising your paper, check whether it is consistent. It means that you need to ensure your thoughts and statements are connected reasonably.

Paragraph 4: Third Body Paragraph

The last body paragraph should start with the ultimate topic sentence. It has to highlight the third supporting point presented in a thesis statement. Mind that each of the body paragraphs has to discuss a specific aspect of the chosen topic.

In this paragraph, you also need to present vivid examples and powerful evidence to uphold your ideas.
Maintain the clarity of your paragraph by connecting your ideas logically.

Paragraph 5: Concluding Section

This paragraph should reiterate the chief aim of your paper and properly explain readers why the discussed topic is meaningful.
A concluding section may repeat a thesis statement, sum up the fundamental points of your work, or encourage readers to mull over the posed question. There are many other ways of creating a conclusion. You may find their detailed description on our website. Note that if you want to reiterate a thesis or sum up the main points of your paper, you should do it in the way different to that used in the essay introduction and body. Additionally, no new ideas should be presented in the conclusion. 

An introduction and conclusion are considered the basis of a paper. While the former introduces a topic and sets the tone of the whole work, the latter firmly joins the expressed ideas making your essay coherent.

The body of a five-paragraph essay may comprise more paragraphs and give readers a deeper insight into the matter under consideration. If you have any questions concerning writing a 5 paragraph essay outline, word count or any other aspects relating to your paper, feel free to address your professor.

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