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Even if you are good at managing time and you try to fulfill your academic assignments on time, you might still face the challenge of meeting tight deadlines. If you are not wondering how to write a 10 page paper in one night, then you should definitely read on this article. Do not get too nervous and anxious as we will provide you with a way out how to write a research paper fast. The task is well-manageable if you can properly organize your working schedule.

Pre-Writing Stage

As you are hustling in panic how to write a 10 page research paper in one night, remember that you need to calm down and keep calm. Before you start, make sure you have selected a topic. As long as you keep nervous, you will never find an answer to how to write a research paper fast. If you were given an option to choose the topic on your own, then make sure you opt for one you are well-versed in. This is the very first step to success if you need to write a 10-page essay overnight. The topic should not only be familiar and known to you but it should also be well researched. This way it will be much easier to find relevant supporting materials and examples for your research paper.

After you have agreed on the topic, make sure to break it into a few sections (preferable from three to five). As a rule, these sections correspond to the key focal points of your research that you intend to discuss and analyze. Remember that it is crucial to divide your essay or research paper into well-developed paragraphs that focus on separate ideas.

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As soon as you have selected the topic, start researching it. If you need to get more general information about the topic, you might use Wikipedia (but remember that you should in no case cite it). Despite the fact that such websites as Wikipedia are always frowned upon by your teachers, they actually contain succinct information about the topic as a whole. Besides, you might even get a brilliant idea for devising your outline as you read the Wikipedia article on your topic.

As you research different sources, remember to take notes. Actually, there are two most suitable ways of doing it: 1) copy-paste the passages and sentences from the text with the most important and useful information; 2) write a concise narration of the ideas you find relevant to your topic in brief.

Another thing to remember before writing is that you need to devise an outline of what you want to cover in the paper. Many students consider this pre-writing step as the useless one, but actually, it helps to see a clearer picture of what your paper will look like and how the ideas will be organized. All in all, when you have a properly structured outline, the only thing that you will have to do is to elaborate on each of the ideas and add more details and specifics to each paper section or paragraph.

Writing Process

  • 1. Provide an introductory paragraph. Make the introduction understandable and clear. To inform the readers on the topic and make it clear to them what you are writing about, you need to provide sufficient background information. As you have an assignment to write a 10-page paper, remember that the introduction should be longer than in average 5-paragraph essays. Aim for a one-page introduction. Also make sure to briefly mention the subtopics that you plan to touch upon further in the paper. Make sure you include a strong (preferably argumentative thesis statement) in the introduction. Actually, the core aim of the thesis statement is to outline the main message and intention of the research.
  • 2. After you have finished writing the introduction, move on to elaborating the research paper sections. Actually, each of the sections should be organized as mini-essays. When you start researching one of the paper subtopics, you need to provide an opening paragraph (where you introduce the subtopic and its importance for the research), then move on to researching and discussing the subtopic and providing ample evidence and examples, and, finally, to provide a concise conclusion for the subsection, which makes the research paper section logically complete. Remember to provide subheadings for each paper section. Make sure that you carefully introduce the information taken from the outside sources into the main body. Actually, for a successful research paper, a literature review is a must. You need to critically analyze the sources and pinpoint to the importance of each research that was conducted by scholars in this or adjacent field of study.
  • 3. Write a conclusion properly. Make sure you do not copy-paste the exact sentences or paragraphs that you have written in the main paper sections. Conclusion is not about repeating the same information. Actually, you need to reiterate the thesis and focus more on how you arrived at specific conclusions and drew the outcomes of the research. The conclusion should touch upon the most important findings of the research and it should clearly indicate whether you managed to support and prove the argument you out forward in the thesis statement.
  • 4. To avoid any confusion with bibliography and all the sources you use, compose the reference list on the go and then devote some time to brushing it up. As soon as you need to use some source and quote it (or cite it), put the short in-text citations in the body of the research paper and place full bibliographic entry in the reference list at the end of the paper. Do not postpone organizing reference page till the last moment. You will be too tired and confused to properly format all the sources and put them throughout the text as in-text citations. Citation machines may ease you the task of formatting the sources. You may find them online, but you should also be careful about them. Sometimes, professors provide you with specific samples and guidelines on how you should format the sources for your paper. Whenever you have such specific instructions, you need to follow them and organize the reference page accordingly.

All in all, the first draft should be written rather fast without paying much attention to details, grammar, punctuation, and stylistics. You need to provide a well-structured backbone for your paper. Later on, you will have more time to delve into details and brush up the grammar and paper structure. As you are working in text processors, do not forget to save the changes you make.

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Post-Writing Stage

As soon as you have finished the paper, email it to yourself and store it not only on your PC but also on a cloud for example. You know, gadgets may act up and you surely will not want to lose the paper you have worked on so hard. Besides, when sending the paper to your email or storing it on a virtual disk, you will always have access to it if you happen to be in some different location.

Make sure that you have a break to recharge your batteries and refresh your mind from writing. Switch to some other activities and after a short time re-read the paper and edit it carefully. Check whether the ideas you develop and analyze in the body of the research are consistent with what you have mentioned in the thesis statement. Also pay attention to proper development of paragraphs (whether you have topic sentence, supporting evidence, and closing sentences). Pay special attention to the conclusion: whether it properly summarizes all the key ideas that you focused on.

It is recommendable that you print out the paper before you decide to proofread and edit it. It will be much easier to spot the mistakes. Besides, you will be able to look through the paper anywhere when you have time (for example, when commuting) and correct the mistakes immediately.

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