Sample Essay about Farm Animals: Animal Rights

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Farm Animals: Animal Rights

Sometimes animals are treated kindly and friendly, but very often people treat them in a bad way. Throughout their lives, animals should be treated with compassion and sheltered from pain and sufferings. Unfortunately, millions of farm animals require the most essential security from the government. As everybody knows, farm animals produce milk, eggs, and wool, which are used by humans. However, some species of farm animals are neglected and badly treated because of lacking health care protection from diseases, such as swine flu, although, these animals produce meat. Therefore, the negative consequences outweigh the benefits. People should struggle for stronger acts and laws. They are able to change at least basic things about farming today and animal treatment, safety mindful shopping and decreased usage of animal food and other products. At the present time, factory farming should not be so uncivilized and morally wrong because of abusing animals for food use (cruel treatment), easy handling and consistently increasing production.

Deliberated or accidental animal abuse is not typically acceptable. Enormously often, animals are tortured in the farm factories. According to Evans over 9.5 billion farm animals were slaughtered in 2007 (53). The author also claims that keeping chicken in battery cages, removing of male sex hormones, and keeping them pregnant, and nursing hogs in small iron crates are some of the issues of animal abuse (55). Today, people breed domestic animals with the food purpose. Everybody could hear a lot of complaints about meat or other products’ quality. High quality production is in the efficiency of the overall system, not in the welfare of animal’s owners who are ready to do everything just to increase the amount of production. Matheny and Leahy suggest that acknowledgment with trade contracts and limits on sale could help to care for domestic animal wellbeing (325).

There is another issue to consider about various aspects of farm animals transportation. During transportation, many domestic animals get injured due to not providing enough space. Cattle are dehorned for better handling and also to prevent them from accidentally or intentionally injuring each other (Evans 57). Most of the hens are confined in battery cages, which only give about an inch of space. Furthermore, crates used for pregnant female pigs are so small that they cannot even turn around. There are more farm animals being mistreated inside the factory farm than most people actually realize (“Pigs: Intelligent Animal Suffering in Factory Farm and Slaughterhouse”).

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