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Technological Advances

In healthcare system delivery, technological advances can be used with reference to the procedures, medical equipment, and the processes by which medical services are delivered to the patients. There have been significant technological changes such as the recently introduced medical and surgical procedures, for instance, joint replacements and angioplasty. Additionally, medical devices such as the implantable defibrillators and computed tomography scanners appeared. Finally, there have been new support systems, for example, telemedicine and electronic medical records with dissemination of information. Generally, there are very few medical fields that have not utilized any form of medical technology or have not been impacted by the new technological advances. In America, the healthcare system has undergone significant adjustments throughout history. The changes have been associated with the technological advancements and the social reform (Iglehart, 2009). This paper seeks to discuss two historical perspectives of healthcare delivery in America and the impact of the availability or unavailability of technology on the perspectives. Additionally, two technological advances that have had an impact on the healthcare system as well as the effect of the technological advancements on public opinion about the ever-changing care system will be discussed.

Historical Perspectives on Health Care Delivery

The two historical perspectives on the healthcare service delivery in America include American Capitalism as well as public opinion on the delivery of healthcare throughout history. These perspectives are significant in terms of healthcare trends and development throughout the care history.

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