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Most of families have a computer today. If 20 years ago it was a dream of every person to have a PC, today people have computers in all different shapes and forms: smart phones, tabs, lap tops, etc. All of these devices are made not just for fun though; they open up a new world of education tools that could be used to facilitate one’s learning experience. More than that, out of that there have developed such a new concept as e-learning which signifies electronic learning. The term is used in a variety of settings but for the most part it means a way to undergo a part or all of an educational course online. It can relate to school course, some kind of business training or any other type of education. E-learning is a way to study using electronic and educational technology to access curriculum outside of what we think of a traditional classroom. Usually, when people talk about e-learning they refer to a course or program delivered online.

Benefits and Features of E-Learning

Those people who are involved in e-learning in one way or another are aware of the available learning tools and advantages it can provide to both an individual and organization. As time goes by, one can see that more and more individuals seek to obtain education online. It is mostly because of the flexible nature of e-learning that allows providing pretty much any kind of training distantly. Students often sign up for e-learning events to get additional learning resources/opportunities while other use this type of education for career advancement. Regardless of your goals and motivation, e-learning is a great tool to gain the desired knowledge and/or skills in a comfortable environment. Here are the things why people look out for e-learning opportunities:

Lower Costs. The costs of learning is drastically reduced both for the individuals as well for the companies that need their employees educated. E-learning usually assumes cost-effective savings in terms of course materials, trainers (including their travel and accommodation).

Effective Learning. Recent studies demonstrate that e-learning becomes such a popular method of receiving education because it makes it easier to digest information for trainees. The numbers show the improved scores on various evaluations and better long-term retention of information.

Fast Delivery. Classroom-based education eats up a good deal of time as opposed to e-learning that can offer quicker delivery cycle time. Traditional learning usually takes 25-60% more time. Due to its nature, e-learning can significantly cut down the training time required which is so important at a time when changes come faster than ever.

Convenient Way to Gain Knowledge. All learners want today in terms of education is mobile, self-paced and relevant content. Educational technology and e-learning can much better meet this need than traditional education. Besides, learning tools of online education allow for more personalized trainings which is also highly valued among trainees and students.

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Obviously, there are some disadvantages of e-learning as well. For example, such way of gaining knowledge and skills is technology dependent which means that learners will need to have access to a computer that meets certain specifications (as dictated by the supplier of e-learning). Also, this kind of education may be unsuitable for certain types of training, especially those that require inter-personal contact. Physically challenged students with visual or certain physical impairments may be disadvantaged. But it seems like the aforementioned downsides won’t stop e-learning from spreading all around the world as more and more people seek out to make use of this modern educational opportunity.

Now that you know the answer to the question “What is e-learning?”, you can evaluate the opportunity and see if that is something you would want to try. There are a lot of online courses offered today for free that you can check yourself. We are sure that if there is anything specific you wanted to learn then you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the appropriate e-learning course online. But this is just one of the tools that apparently will be becoming more and more popular these days. It will unlikely become a substitute for traditional education in the nearest time but it certainly can be an additional learning tool for those who seek a convenient way of receiving quality education.

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