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The value of time should be an important point for you. As well as saving time, you should cultivate a habit of saving money.

If you really want to succeed, try to follow these useful tips:

  1. Do you know that you are paying a fee every time you use out-of-network ATM? It is surely called blowing money. That is the first thing you can stop doing. Value the money you earneven though the fee is not that huge.

  2. Saving money doesn’t mean being greedy. It’s about using your time and technologies wisely. Why don’t you use new mobile phone apps to find taxies, laundries and other services? You will definitely find cheaper options without leaving home.

  3. The same apps are already created for driving routes. If you really value your time, use new apps and avoid traffic jams easily.

  4. A great option to spend less on food is to cook on your own. Bring lunch to work, make coffee or tea yourself and you will see how much money will remain in your wallet.

  5. Enjoy going to the restaurants? Try brunch instead of dinner. Dinner dishes are usually cheaper at brunch and lunchtime. You win anyway as you still go out and reduce your expenses.

  6. When you go shopping, consider having a shopping list. This way you are helping yourself not to make unnecessary purchases and save money. Moreover, you save time as you already know what you are looking for at the shop.

  7. Cleaning an apartment or a house usually takes plenty of time. Start spending 30 minutes a day on cleaning and you won’t notice it takes that long.

  8. Plan your day considering the gym and meetings with friends. You will always know when and what to do.

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