P Excellent Tom Brady (pats) Leads His Team to Great Success

Tom Brady (pats) Helps Win the Super Bowl

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 On Sunday night, the New England Patriots won the desired Super Bowl. They beat the Atlanta Falcons with the score 34-28. When a half of the game passed, it seemed that Falcons would win. However, the Patriots played a brilliant game and equated the score in last two quarters. When time went off, teams continued the game. Thus, the first overtime period since 1967 had been commenced. Within five minutes, the Patriots managed to win the game.

It is necessary to admit that it was an astonishing ending of the season for Tom Brady (pats). He is definitely the most popular player in the United States. Due to the scandal, Brady did not play the first games of the football season. However, when he returned, the Patriots managed to come closer to their Super Bowl title.

The game was advertised as Brady’s and Belichick’s (his coach) experience against the outrageous Falcon’s offence of Matt Ryan. It was thought that the Falcon’s defense would be their Achilles heel. However, at first, they managed to control the ball and outplay the Patriots.

At the turning point of the game, Alex Mack hurt his leg. Though he continued to play amazingly regardless of severe pain, the first quarter of the Patriots and Atlanta Falcons super bowl game did not bring any scores to any of the teams. Finally, the Falcons achieved the desirable score.

Not a single team has ever won the bowl after losing 10 points. The task seemed to be impossible. The pressure and tension was considerable. Even the cheerleaders of the Patriots dancing during the break understood the seriousness of the situation. The Falcons known for their efficiency were rather brutal, while the Patriots known for their extreme played rather carelessly. However, the Patriots have been leaders for more than 10 years. No one can underestimate an outstanding play of Tom Brady (pats).

The Falcons were penalized and the Patriots had a great chance to score. Brady held the ball. Though the Falcons tried to bat his passes, the ball seemed to refuse to obey. Brady’s play was impressive. On the contrary, Ryan was unable to catch up with the best athletes of the Patriots. In this way, the overtime game started. The Patriots knew that a touchdown would bring victory to them.

The stadium uttered a loud cry of astonishment. It has been the best Super Bowl game ever.


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