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Sherlock Holmes. Genius or Poseur?

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Sherlock Holmes. How Sherlock Holmes has changed through times

The image of Sherlock Holmes seems to have a great legacy. After his first appearance 125 years ago, Sherlock Holmes remains to be as famous as he was during Queen Victoria's reign in Great Britain. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes are acknowledged widely due to different aspects, such as exhibitions conducted in museums in London. For example, as you enter the London museum, a portrait describes Holmes as the one who lived and will never die.

Besides, particular exhibitions, such as the one on 221B Baker Street, turned into modern myths. In addition, many television versions presented nowadays are inspired by Mr. Holmes. Some of the examples include the BBC Sherlock series, starring the real BBC Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch. Actors such as Jeremy Brett and Douglas Wilmer used to play Holmes in the 1940s - 1960s. It proves that Sherlock Holmes' legacy still lives in the modern world. The evidence also shows how his legacy has changed with time as he is remembered. The existence of the Sherlock Holmes TV Show also makes a memory of Sherlock Holmes real.

Main differences between Arthur Conan Doyle and Benedict Cumberbatch characters

Considering the Sherlock Holmes Movie, it is easier to depict significant differences between Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch and original Arthur Conan Doyle's character. For example, Downey Jr. gives a feeling of separation from the good old Sherlock as compared to Cumberbatch. Besides, judging from Sherlock Holmes Movie ‘Game of Shadows’, the portrayed characters show a great difference from each other. For instance, Robert Downey's Sherlock appears to be a clever detective who is always ready for anything, including jumping into a brawl. On the other hand, Holmes appears to be a weirdo.

Reasons for Sherlock’s popularity

There are many qualities in Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes Stories that make them gain popularity throughout the years. Firstly, Sherlock Holmes' Author, Conan Doyle, is recognized to be among the first creative novel writers in England. His creativity increased the popularity, hence the demand for his novels. Besides, because Sherlock Holmes Stories were shorter comparing with the ones of other writers, their popularity increased. Since the rate of readership was improving in England, it became easier for the stories to gain popularity. What is more, due to the existence of Sherlock Holmes TV Show, such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the popularity is tremendous, as many people do watch BBC Sherlock.

Whether Sherlock is genius or poseur

Sherlock Holmes' Author, Conan Doyle, has created a truly genius character. First, Sherlock Holmes spends quality time in the laboratory doing experiments to figure out different chemical reactions that could help him during crime investigations. He always comes up with unique ideas that no one else has ever thought of. This is the fact about his genius. He was capable of giving various solutions to similar problems, which no one could do. Besides, he was able to tell what had happened to you days ago just from the mere glimpse. Moreover, he was creating inventions in his job. Such situations are rare to happen. He was a real genius.

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