P Sample Comparative Essay: Hydrogen vs. Electric Cars

Sample Comparative Essay: Hydrogen vs. Electric Cars

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Electric cars function with the aid of battery powered electric motors. These electric cars do not have internal combustion engine within their system, and this feature makes them different from their hydrogen counterparts. Even more, in place of the commonly used gasoline fuel, these cars use electricity. The US Department of Energy notes that one of the key advantages that is associated with these electric cars is the fact that they do not burn fossil fuel, contributing to pollution reduction. As a result, these cars work to the best advantage as a form of transportation. Some electric cars, such as the Ford Focus Electric, Chevrolet, Nissan Leaf, and Tesla Model S, are great inventions for all car owners. These cars do not only save money, but also contribute to a stable and healthy environment. When people buy electric cars, they get government subsidies for being environmentally conscious.

The electric cars use rechargeable batteries that are installed within the internal system of the vehicles. Besides powering the car for locomotion, the battery is also tasked with operations such as lighting, air conditioning and wipers. What is more, the electric cars have more batteries than the hydrogen and gasoline cars. EVs are growing in popularity since their consumption is lower. Therefore, they are a great way of saving money. EVs are cheaper to run, unlike the hydrogen cars. Moreover, they are more cost-effective. The price of purchasing an EV is comparatively low. The maintenance of the EVs is slightly lower since their engines need no lubrication for them to operate. Even better, the electric powered vehicles need not to be serviced every now and then.


Hydrogen cars use hydrogen for operation. Although it is quite rare to come across hydrogen cars on sale, most manufacturers are beginning to develop and test them in their laboratories. With most of the transportation cars considered as major pollutants, hydrogen cars are a right weapon in fighting the rising threat to the environment. The question that rises huge concern is where to get the hydrogen needed to fuel these automobiles. Breaking water through the process of electrolysis generates hydrogen (Glidden and Delahanty). Currently, electrolysis is one of the ineffective ways of obtaining hydrogen.

The compound hydrogen is renowned for its explosive nature. Thus, it poses huge risks to both the users and manufacturers of hydrogen-based automobiles. Hydrogen cars also have energy security, which results in massive saving. This positive effect has already been experienced in different countries. This notwithstanding, there is still a dilemma as to whether it is safe to use hydrogen as a fuel. Hydrogen is significant in many welding industries. Hydrogen cars are equipped with a motor that is powered by electricity. It is different from battery-electric vehicle (BEV) since it does not use electricity in its operation (Glidden and Delahanty). Instead, it utilizes a hydrogen fuel cell, a device that exploits hydrogen and generates electricity power from it while the car is in operation.

The great similarity between the hydrogen and electric cars is that they both do not pollute the environment. Consequently, purchasing the two cars helps in curbing air pollution. Instead of burning coal so as to generate electricity, solar power, hydropower, nuclear, or wind power could be used as an alternative. According to Shrivastave, these alternatives produce lesser emissions. When generating electricity from these sources, both hydrogen and electric cars present the perfect modes of non-polluting transportation.

In essence, both electric and hydrogen cars hold the future in the transportation sector. Hydrogen fuel is clean and safe. It produces no harmful emissions. The hydrogen fuel is obtained from different sources. Fortunately, more and more modern people prefer using the electric cars. On the other hand, there are those who feel comfortable using the hydrogen cars. Both cars are environmentally friendly since they do not pollute the environment. They also play a great role in ameliorating transportation.

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