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Same-sex Marriage: Influence of Media on the Specific Event Coverage

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same sex marriage

News coverage has a particular effect on every type of audience. Audience’s zeal and trust center round the media coverage. The media personnel are much concerned about the fact and they often present the news coverage with such a style which may seem  exaggerated to some extent. Indeed, it is their professional fashion through which most of the people become stimulated. Although the media personnel are much concerned about the fact, they perform their job with their own style. This is due to the fact that the reporters or the media personnel want to direct the audience and make them believe what they desire. More often, technically or intentionally, a journalist accumulates and publishes the news mixing own consideration and viewpoint. This is the main problem, which often misleads or compels to have wrong concept about particular media coverage. Sincerity is an entirely individual matter, but a journalist should be careful regarding the impact of the particular coverage before information is presented in the media. Same-sex marriage is one of the main significant issues in the U.S.A. The impact of the news of the particular issue is discussed below. 


A verdict came from the Supreme Court that legalized the same-sex marriage in such states as Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The action is a turning point for both the same-sex marriage supporters and the opponents.  This move may increase such type of abnormal claim at significantly, and there may occur some movement to legalize such unions in other states. In fact, it is a turning point for the people of the U.S.A.  A large number of Americans reside in those states where same-sex marriage is allowed. The decision of the court may lead to increase of the number of the states to 30, which means the situation will remain unchangeable. A legal representative of American Civil Liberties Union’s legal efforts concerning same-sex marriage, James Esseks, expresses his view that “I’m blown away by this”. He also comments that “it is a watershed moment for the entire country”. Alternatively, most of the people in the U.S.A who do not support such abnormal marriage were startled by the court’s decision and stated that the decision will affect 50 states. The supporters of the gay rights claim that there is no reason to re-install “the voter-approved bans that had been struck down in a series of rulings built from the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision invalidating part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act” (Barnes, 2013). The court provides a verdict that the ban is unconstitutional in the states of Colorado, Kansas, North and South Carolina, Wyoming, West Virginia, and this ruling must increase same-sex marriage in the other states. A state has the right to define nuptial procedure, and it could occur only between man and a woman. The report proves that there are several challenges to restrict the gay or lesbian from doing same-sex marriage. The Attorney General of Virginia openly repudiates to preserve the state’s ban. He expresses that same-sex couples can get married. He also states that “This is the outcome that we have hoped for, it is the outcome that we have fought for and it is the outcome that the Constitution requires” . The remark of the Attorney General may encourage ‘thousands of loving couples’, and it may increase such type of marriage to a greater extent. 

The ban on gay marriage of Alaska has been ruled as unconstitutional which allows the same-sex marriage in the state. The state would continue to appeal against the decision of U.S. District Court. Timothy Burgess, the district court judge, states that “The court finds that Alaska’s ban on same-sex marriage and refusal to recognize same sex marriages lawfully entered in other states is unconstitutional as a deprivation of basic due process and equal protection principles under the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution”.

There were five same-sex couples who challenged constitutional amendment that limits the marriage between one man and one woman only. It was accepted by the voters in 1998. There was much argument over the issue between both parties, and the state announced that they will appeal against Burgess' ruling. The Alaska governor wants to protect and sustain the law of the Constitution of Alaska. In a press release, Gov. Sean Parnell expressed that  “Although the district court today may have been bound by the recent Ninth Circuit panel opinion, the status of that opinion and the law in general in this area is in flux. I will defend our constitution.”

The “case overturned portions of the Defense of Marriage Act, finding that it violated same-sex couples’ rights to equal protection and due process under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution”. (Boots and Caldwell, 2014) The advocate of the same-sex marriage opines that it is likely to quick overturn of 9th Circuit ruling of Alaska’s ban on the gay marriage. After the ruling the state has become successful to provide full marriage equality. In this regard, the founder and the president of Freedom to Marry, Evan Wolfson, states that they have put much effort to remove the marriage bans since 2003. Alaska was one of the pioneering states to proscribe same-sex marriage while defining marriage should be between a man and a woman only. The Windsor ruling played a key role to turn over same-sex marriage prohibition across the U.S. without dealing with the same-sex marriage openly. Burgess, chosen for the bench by George W. Bush in 2005, states that “by singling out homosexual couples and banning their ability to marry an individual of their choosing, it is impossible to assert that all Alaskans are equal under the state’s laws”. Many of the same-sex couples express dissatisfaction on due to the ban and ensure that if they marry in one state, they will be not married in another one. One of the Michigan residents states that their state should legalize same-sex marriage. Therefore, the news certainly has a severe impact on the audience.

In Missouri, same-sex marriage ban has been declared as unconstitutional by the Federal Judge. Ortrie Smith, a District Court Judge, got appointed by President Clinton in 1995, verdicts that the ban is unconstitutional and violates the fundamental right to marriage. Since the rule is based on sexual orientation, the prohibition also infringes identical protection. According to the report of Geidner, “the decision orders the director of the Jackson County Department of Recorder of Deeds to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples”. The report of Lee Davidson (2014), the U.S. Supreme Court started allowing same-sex marriage in Utah. It should be ensured that the elected officials, churches, and other orthodox people will not oppose such marriages. Another spokesman expressed that next year he will forward the Constitution Amendment Bill. The Constitution of the state guarantees freedom of religion whereas it bans the same-sex marriage. Indeed, it is contradictory with itself. Sexuality can be measured as ubiquitous veracity of human existence in all domains of social and cultural arrangements. Indeed, sexuality should be a personal choice. However, it is mainly subject to peripheral factors that manipulate individual choices. Such peripheral factors may cover socialization, social stereotyping, and other forms of communal instruction. The character traits regarding sex originate from social and cultural constructions within the social background. The gay people demand some privileges and rights. Indeed, this is the beginning of their achievement. According to Hatch, the previous member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Supreme Court has not finished the concern of the same-sex marriage. There are several other problems of gay marriage since the issue is critical. These problems are social, cultural and ritual that may hinder the performances of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Since the gay marriage is being opposed by a sect of folks, they will not spare them without creating severe problems such as staying away from participating gay marriage ceremony, protecting photographers and cake makers. The gay people may face inequity such as housing prohibition and employment discrimination. After the ruling of the gay marriage, there will be a concern how to cause the state decree  revision. For example, there are several things to be changed such as the “Husband and Wife” state code chapter on marriage which has to be reworded. Moreover, there are several issues which must be changed in this regard that may create social dilemma. Powell states that the “lawmakers will need to resolve issues involving such things as when you are dealing with what are artificial and adoptive rights that same-sex couples have for children and families”. Indeed, all the reports have a grave impact on the audiences in the social and cultural context.

In Missouri, state judge rejects the prohibition of same-sex marriage and orders its recognition. It is an achievement for the same-sex marriage supporters. It is type of report which must increase the zeal to same-sex marriage of the LGBT group. On the other hand, J. Dale Youngs, the Judge of the 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County states that the prohibition on recognizing same-sex marriage violates petitioner same-sex couples’ constitutional right to identical safety. Missouri does not recognize the marriage performed out of state. American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri was seeking recognition of state in this concern under the law.

The state cannot recognize these couples because they are same-sex. Youngs expresses that “Plaintiffs are, without dispute, loving and committed couples who presented themselves at a recorder’s office, or its equivalent, in a jurisdiction where it is legal for same-sex partners to marry”. It is not clear that the same-sex marriages will be recognized soon. The spokesman for the Missouri Attorney General says that the state is “reviewing the judge’s ruling.” That means the report will influence the audience including the LGBT group. Another report states that such married couples will be treated as different sex-couples in this state. The Republican opponents have challenged the view. The national campaign director of the LGBT group Freedom to Marry and a Kansas City native, Marc Solomon, expressed that the U.S. Supreme Court should make a final decision on the issue of same-sex marriage.

The report of Curtis Johnson states that in West Virginia the ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. It is not a surprising fact since the state attorney general legalized such unions. U.S. District Judge Robert C. Chambers declared that “right to marry is a fundamental right, giving every individual the opportunity to exercise choice in this important relationship.” If such decision is not taken, some social problems may occur. Cultural and social sanctions cause affliction and apprehension among the members of the society. Although social norms govern human actions, individuals find it hard to pursue such governing norms. Rebellion against such norms results in disturbing anguish and disgrace. Only a few people have the audacity to investigate social standards. If the society does not approve unions between individuals of the same gender, social problems will be a normal incident in such cases. In fact, the events that have been experiencing all over the state are to be legalized for the betterment of the society.

According to Johnson’s report (2014), “Chambers’ ruling further states it would be improper for government to interfere in that choice unless it demonstrates compelling state interests and carefully tailors its restrictions to protect those interests”. The problem is related to sexual orientation, which is a result of various psychosocial factors. Sexual orientation integrates psychological and behavioral components of the human survival. In fact, sexual orientation symbolizes the existence of some sort of relationship between two individuals. Hence, the decision has an impact on the people of the country. Moreover, sexual orientation presents a leading pattern of emotions, romance, and sexual unity between individuals of a variety of gender inclinations. There is a close bond between sexual orientation and behavior among the members of the society. Society dictates sexual individuality and insight in a very important way. People outline their ideas and actions to correspond to the societal aims and obligations. There is a vivid regarding the matter of homosexuality, which is considered to be a leading moral issue in the modern society. There are numerous observations related to homosexuality. Society orders the sexual inclination of its members since those members endure in the society. However, individuals oppose such restrictions since they find it difficult to conform to such expectations. Most of the homosexuals hide their preferences behind a veil of normal relationships because they understand the disgrace and deride associated with the sexual fondness. Sexuality is a dominant feature of human existence that presents numerous challenges due to its complex nature. Some individuals argue that sexual orientation is inborn and static.

Another judgment comes from the U.S. Supreme Court that allows the same-sex couples to marry. It is the consequence of several other cases that occurred earlier in the court where verdict supported the LGBT group. According to the reporter Marissa Lang (2014), “gay and lesbian couples in Utah, and 10 other states, were granted the right to wed Monday after the nation’s high court declined to hear appeals from five states trying to revive their bans on same-sex unions”. However, it is important to remember that there is constant disagreement over the real cause and factors that influence and determine sexual preferences among people in a particular social setting. There are several research performed that suggest genetic and hormonal factors influencing the sexual preference of a person. The research findings do not offer a conclusive respond to the inquiry. Nevertheless, the function of the social and cultural factors is obvious and indubitable. Mainly, individuals build sexual preferences due to the assortment of factors that arise from their daily communication with their social environment. Consequently, one should not undervalue the authority of cultural and social restriction that encloses a person in the course of their lives. It is important to note the authority of the family over the individual’s preference with regard to sex. The court’s decision may have a positive impact on the LGBT people. There are many cases of thrilling regarding the plaintiffs.  They say “Families in Utah and states in the 10th Circuit and other states across the country can plan our lives like every other person in the country now. We can have a marriage and have children and go about our daily lives without worrying about being treated differently by our own state government”. Although the impropriety of the relationship will be increased due to withdraw of the ban, it has become normal common practice in the U.S.A. The LGBT people understand the possible sanctions that they meet in front of the social setting. In spite of the knowledge of unlawful activity, they continue with their union. This obvious disobedience leads to serious consequences for both lovers. The obedience describes the vast authority of the society in shaping sexual liking and insight among its members. Society recommends rules and regulation concerning sexual preferences, which means that the members must follow these regulations. Any form of disobedience results to a variety of forms of unenthusiastic sanctions from the social coordination. As a result the specific event coverage has an impact on the society. 

The Governor of Oklahoma sharply expresses disapproval of gay marriage move. It should be remembered that the gay marriage is approved by the U.S. Supreme Court. However, Mary Fallin, the Governor of Oklahoma, conveys such disapproval in front of the legal officials. This news must influence both groups. The district attorney of Oklahoma, David Prater, suggests issuing same-sex marriage licenses. He wants to uphold the law. Oklahoma County Clerk confirmed that they have started issuing same-sex marriage licenses. However, all people have to abide by the law since it is “the court’s decision”.  An executive director, Scott Hamilton, called the Governor’s expression as very disappointing. The report of the Governor’s disapproval compelled to comment Scott Hamilton. In a telephone interview, Hamilton says that although the Governor’s condemnation is disappointing, it is not astonishing. According to the report of McCarthy (2014), “It’s always been a requirement of Oklahoma law, as far as I know, and certainly as long as I’ve been court clerk, that our applicants must be of opposite gender. So that’s very significant that that requirement is no longer in the law”. The report of Richard Wolf, says that the federal appeals court added approximately five states list where same-sex marriage is legalized. Thus, such type of report had an impact on the other verdicts which increased the number of the same-sex marriage states to 35. In Idaho and Nevada, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals a three-judge panel nullified same-sex marriage bans. The rejection of the same-sex marriage ban is waiting to be deployed in Alaska, Arizona, and Montana, since the court has the authority over those states. This decision was taken after the rejection of the bans in Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Virginia. The legal same-sex marriage has reached to 24 after the decision of the court of those five states. The appeals courts have authority over Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, West Virginia, North and South Carolina to reject the bans as well. President Obama says at a fundraiser in New York City that “all across the country now, couples who love each other are able to join in that most meaningful of unions”.

Hence, it is obvious that several other states are ready to reject the ban of same-sex marriage. Although the most of the verdicts seem to be delayed, however, the decisions are made in support of the LGBT people. In fact, it is a decision against the natural system. Most of the people consider that the court should take much time to provide decisions. The reports state that the ban over same-sex marriages Idaho and Nevada had a severe impact on the people. The refusal of the recognition of same-sex marriage should not be provided. The refusal of such marriage is being celebrated in several other states, and the court says that there are several negative impacts of same-sex marriage. The people had to face “profound legal, financial, social and psychic harms” in this regard. 

From the description above, there are many advantages and disadvantages of same-sex marriage. For an example, if the family bears gay persons in family gatherings, an individual within the family might draw authority from such a situation. The person ultimately develops a liking for gay propensity and assumes that it is suitable since the family allows it and considers interesting. Nevertheless, the problem of same-sex marriage has become one of the greatest issues in the present life of the U.S.A. people. Although it a social problem, it is being legalized by the court one after another. Most of the courts have taken time to provide verdict on the issue. Finally, most of them  decide to support the gay people. In the most states the courts have provide verdict on behalf of the gay to legalize their marriage. However, there is an issue of the family. Families that do not overlook gay tendencies discourage the members from adopting gay practices. People with certain sexual preferences face endless disgrace and deride from the members of the society. This occurs because the society dictates the norms regarding what is satisfactory. For example, lesbian and gay persons undergo huge problems due to the social shame that surrounds their sexual orientations. Current research on such forms of favoritism reveals that people are opposing all forms of favoritism more often, where the modern society is more liberal to the issues concerning sexual preferences and orientation. There is negligible stigma against people due to their sexual preferences. This trend shows that there is a dawdling aloofness from prescribed social and cultural standards. It is significant for the society to contain multiplicity in sexual orientation. People survive within social surroundings which means that their preferences develop in the same society. Consequently, it is sarcastic to the people to pester homosexuals because it is a suggestion of the society fighting against itself. Thus, the government has taken the decision to legalize the same-sex marriage. In this regard, there are several reports and news for the people which often influence them. There were a lot of cases of verbal aggressions occurred in support and against the issue of same-sex marriage. Many people have expressed their comment over the issue. Nevertheless, the same-sex marriage issue and the court verdict have a noticeable impact on them. In this case, the people have been divided into two sects. One of the sects supports the same-sex marriage whereas the other opposes that. Finally, the people, though being few in numbers, gain the verdict of the court.

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