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What is an annotated bibliography? Many students cannot answer this question. They have heard about and even seen it. However, few have clear understanding of what is an annotated bibliography and how to do an annotated bibliography. You will be surprised if our experts tell you that an annotated bibliography is just a bibliography with a short annotation of each separate source from your reference list. The annotation aims to give a brief description of the source, reveal the pros and cons, show its usefulness or useless, and engage us in reading it. Therefore, we highly recommend you to read this short article on how to write an annotated bibliography step by step to get rid of any mistakes.

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Reasons to write an annotated bibliography

Students often ask “why do we need to write an annotated bibliography?” In a few seconds, we will persuade you that it is highly essential.

1. The case is that some professors can require writing an annotated bibliography and others do not. Thus, it is a lottery. That is why it is better to know how to do an annotated bibliography than not to know. Remember that you final score also depends on your knowledge of how to do an annotated bibliography.

2. All good researchers know how to do an annotated bibliography and write it because they cannot count on some source whether it is a book, article, or a website till they have not read it. That is why you should read each of your sources before using it in your paper. It is a simple rule that will help you to avoid misunderstanding and confusion at the middle of your paper writing. Remember, that sometimes the title of the source could be different from the content. That is why you should always check your sources.

3. Doing an annotated bibliography is not a drawback, but a benefit! Maybe it takes too much time to write an annotated bibliography, but it will save it in the future. Imagine that you are writing a long research paper with more than ten different sources. How could you remember its content? Therefore, an annotated bibliography allows you to be sure that you will use all your sources without any problems. Furthermore, it will be much easier to find the necessary information or quotes.

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How to do an annotated bibliography

We offer you the best-annotated bibliography tips and even provide you with the annotated bibliography example.


1. Choose the right sources. Use some keywords to search for the proper sources. Pick up the necessary source number and start to work with them.

2. Cite your sources in the appropriate required style. Find out all reference information and alphabetize your sources. All further tips on how to cite correctly you can find on the internet.

3. To take some notes while you are reading at the first time is one of the annotated bibliography tips. You should realize that you do not have to examine all details of the source during your first reading. This step aims to define what the general author’s idea and the style of the source are, the way you can use it in your paper, and personal evaluation of the source. It is a pre-annotation draft.

4. Sum up your sources. Some people argue that it is a very mechanical process because you need to provide you and your readers with a brief and concise description of each source. However, we believe that this step is much more important because it is the second time of your reading that allows you to understand the text more deeply. Therefore, your annotation reveals the principal author’s ideas, concepts, and arguments.

5. Source assessment. It is the last and maybe one of the most essential annotated bibliography tips. This paragraph is wholly dedicated to your personal opinion on each source. It means that you should put some particular question to your sources:

– Figure out who the author is and whether we can trust him, whether he is competent enough.

– Which source peculiarities you like or dislike: type, style, writing way, structure, logic, lexicon, etc.

– Are the author’s thesis and arguments persuasive?

– Reveal two strong and weak sides of the source.

– Why is it significant for your paper? Which way will you use this particular source?

6. Write your essay. Use your annotated bibliography during your paper writing. Choose and find the necessary information easy and fast.

These simple annotated bibliography tips on how to do an annotated bibliography will help you to make up a professional critique annotated bibliography. Furthermore, using this guide on how to write an annotated bibliography step by step you can be sure that you will use the most suitable sources and will make your paper attractive and informative.

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