P Niantic Labs and Nintendo added a new Pokemon Go reality to the lives of many players

Pokemon Go Mania

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 If your boyfriend, daughter or a friend leaves the home for several hours and comes back with his/her t-shirt wet, it doesn’t necessarily mean he/she was making a run as usual. More than that, if someone you know starts telling you about captured places or some kind of eggs, that person didn’t necessarily take drugs. Most likely, he/she just downloaded and played Pokémon Go game. Today this app has become the most popular game within the United States of America. Millions of people are searching for Pokémon locations in attempts to capture virtual creatures called Pokémons who appear on the smartphone’s screen as if they were in the real world. Pokémons though appeared long before the game was developed and released by Niantic Labs.

Pokémon Go: From the Past to the Future

The virtual creatures called Pokémons were first developed and managed by the Pokémon Company in 1996. The franchise started as a few video games but then developed into trading card games, televisions shows, movies, comic books, and toys. The idea was that Trainers were supposed to catch and train these creatures to battle each other for sport. It is the second most successful video game franchise in the world after Nintendo's Mario franchise.

On July 6, citizens of the United States and a few other countries could go back to the atmosphere of 2000s when Pokémon was on the peak of popularity. We are talking about the new game released this year known as Pokémon Go. It seems like there is no person on this planet who hasn’t heard anything about this new trend. Every day you can find a mention about the game in the news; social networks are full of funny stories about how people tried to capture Pokémons. As of now, Pokémon on android (Google Play) is almost the most popular game on the chart while Pokémon game for iPhone (App Store) has already become the top hit.

For most people it is weird to read news reports like “two students wounded after entering private property in attempts to find Pokémons” or “President of Israel spotted the Pokémon in his cabinet” but this tendency seem to a new reality where people chase after this virtual creatures in a real world. But what kind of mania is that? Why is the game so popular? The secret lies in the technology of augmented reality where one can play with kind of real world Pokémon. The players in this game use camera and location system to find and capture a Pokémon on streets, in parts, city malls, and even in apartments. After a Pokémon is captured, you can train and upgrade it to fight successfully with other players for sport.

Why is Pokémon Go so Popular?

“Play pokemon iPhone”, “pokemon games on appstore” or “pokemon location map” seem to become popular google inquiries. All you have to do is to enter something similar in your browser’s search tab and you will see how much information is out there about Pokémon for ios. More than that, what was meant to be a game for iPhone first developed into a big movement so Pokémon games for android are available for anyone who wants to try it with an android phone.

The game is so popular because it is the first augmented reality game that has spread so fast around the globe. While game developers around the world were trying to create a perfect virtual reality game, Niantic Labs and Nintendo have successfully done it. Another reason why Pokémon Go is gaining so much attention today is due to the fact that it needs no advertisement or promo because it has a great self-advert mechanism. Social networks are full of funny game stories and situations caused by the efforts of the players to capture a Pokémon or find new Pokémon locations. Hashtag #pokemongo is one of the most popular at the moment and this fact alone says a lot about how many people are talking about the game. Besides, the list of Pokémon characters is something many people know in Europe, Asia, Australia and USA. They are still producing new Pokémon TV series and cartoons; there people can hear about the brand quite often. So the game just fits in the context.

If you have never tried playing the game, you should definitely do it at least once, especially if you like playing games on your smartphone. Now that you know more about how the brand came about and potential dangers associated with playing the game, you can download the app and have fun. Capturing a Pokémon in the real world would have sounded so weird a couple of years ago; yet when people are chasing a Pokémon in the real world today, people have no problem with that (unless one doesn’t violate laws or ethics of course).

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