P Pepsi is a worldwide famous, old, and respectable brand

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Pepsi is a worldwide famous, old, and respectable brand. It has a great history, serious concurrent and regular customers. To open a plant of such popular carbonated soft drink the one should take into account a lot of factors such as country, infrastructure, topographical position, climate, and a lot of other features.
A place to build a plant should be in safe topographical position and meet all the needs of the brand. For example, Ukraine could be a suitable country to open a Pepsi plant there.

Ukraine is situated in Eastern Europe. It has favorable geographical position. It is a developing country being not the last in the list of European countries. The country has a lot of natural resources ranging from oil to water. It is rich in water resources and ground-water mineral supplies. The climate is mild, there are no extremely cold winters or summers that can prevent operating the plant. Comfortable transport position as it is almost the centre of Europe and water transport are possible reasons of efficient plant’s operation and development there. The working force is rather cheap and qualified. The infrastructure is well-organized, though needs a modernization. Ukraine is a satisfactory variant for a Pepsi plant.

It would be profitable to open the plant on the basis of another producer of drinks. For example, it will be profitable to buy the business of juice-makers and use ready plant only upgrading the technology. It will lessen the expenditures on the building of the plant and establishing the equipment. The water is pure, technique is ready, stuff is easy to find, and climate is advantageous. The country is a beneficial land for creating the plant. 

The negative fact may be the consequences of Chernobyl ecological disaster. It is better to place the plant in the forest lands.
To conclude, the availability of good quality water, work resources, and suitable positions were the reasons to choose Ukraine as a suitable country to manage Pepsi manufacturing.

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