P The Example of a Narrative Essay: Emergency Medical Services for Children Day in the US

Narrative Essay Sample : Emergency Medical Services for Children Day in the US

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The Emergency Medical Services for Children Day (EMSC Day) is celebrated on Wednesday of The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week. This year we celebrate EMSC Day on 18th of May. The holiday is hosted by The EMSC Natural Resource Center and aims to raise awareness about the specialized medical services for children. The “Benny the Bearamedic” logo is the symbol of the holiday and could be seen on T-shirts, posters and printed materials of the activists. In this essay, we will discuss the four main groups that are targeted by the organizers of the holiday.

The first group involved in celebration is the hospital personnel. The emergency departments of the hospitals are inspected to determine their readiness to provide the urgent medical services to kids. Each of them is awarded the Pediatric Readiness score in the range of 0-100. In 2013, the average score for all participating emergency departments was 69.

The second group is EMS providers. Every state that receives the federal EMSC State partnership funding has to comply with the three standards set by the EMSC Program. The measures include the availability of control, availability to file the complaint and the presence of EMS coordinator in the territory.

The third group of attention is parents and caregivers. It is important to raise the awareness of parents and prepare them for a possible emergency case. The holiday activists try to work with parents and improve their knowledge.

The last and fourth group of interest is EMSC Guarantees. The holiday hosts try to enlist the for-profit and not-for-profit organization in order to raise the awareness about the necessity of improving emergency health services for children. The efforts should include both financial and technical initiatives.

The Wednesday of the EMS Week is dedicated to the celebration of EMCS Day for Children. The main idea of the holiday is to bring public attention to the issue of improving emergency health services for kids. The organizers of the holiday try to raise the awareness of hospital personnel, EMS providers, parents and EMSC Guarantors about the necessity of quality emergency services for children in the US.


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