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 Medical Marijuana Essay

Numerous substances available for everyone and less expansive might be helpful in treating the most severe diseases. This paper aims to discuss the medical properties of marijuana and prove that its legalization might contribute to the improvement of the cancer outcomes for patients nationwide.


It appears that marijuana might serve as a cure for many illnesses and disorders. Chris Roberts particularly stresses that it may even treat cancer. He asserts that the oil made from this plant can reprogram cancer cells to kill themselves. The article “Cannabis Cures Cancer” explains that two forms of oil can provide a body with the chemo therapeutics without the risks or side effects. Yet, the use of marijuana and its products is prohibited. At the same time, in an attempt to evaluate curing capabilities of marijuana, ACS (American Cancer Society) reports that, currently, there have been no proofs of positive effects of marijuana oil or hemp oil.

In conclusion, it should be stated that the healing powers of marijuana are still unproved or silenced by healthcare professionals for some reason. Based on that, it should be emphasized that a further research is needed considering the costs of the cure and particular possible impacts it might have on patients.

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