P Introvert’s Strategies To Make New Friends

Is it Easy for an Introvert to Make Friend in College?

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 Most solitary people confirm that making friends and taking the first step to communicating with new personalities is a challenge for them. However, a college is probably the best place to meet friends. Here, everyone is in the same conditions – all are foreigners to each other! However, what is natural for some in communication, for introvert people may pose a challenge. They just need more practice to socialize! It is not a challenge, it is a diverse world!

How To Make New Friends: an Introvert’s Strategies

Look For Like-Minded People

Starting a boring conversation will not be a good pretext for socializing. So, instead of waiting for the perfect moment to come to you, lead the wave! The good alternative is to find the activities with the built-up conversation starter, some extracurricular classes, clubs, organization fairs, etc. Your college certainly has the office that is responsible for extracurricular activities, so you can visit and check their offers. Also, the college website has a news section that announces the meaningful events and calls for participants, organizers, or just visitors.

Use Online Social Networks

Another strategy to overcome awkwardness is meeting new people online. There are websites that offer local meetings, parties, etc. People, who are in these communities, are already in “conversation” mood. Besides, you can use dating websites. Not everyone is interested in dating, but certainly, everyone at dating website is ready to meet new people.

For introverts, it may be challenging to make friend in college, and many of them may say: “I have no friends in college” or “How to make new friends?” The truth is that instead of giving up by saying: “I have no friends in college”, one should dig deeper and find that he just needs the pretext for socializing. This pretext is the mutual interests and activities. The college environment, as well as online world, gives numerous chances for introvert people to making friends, meeting new people, and even finding your beloved one. 

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