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Do you want to write a perfect essay? Are you looking for a great topic that will impress your tutor and keep them interested? You will begin to enjoy the writing process if you select an interesting topic. Below are forty great topic ideas so you are almost certain to spot one that matches your particular interests.

The following ideas are designed to help students write the perfect essay, especially those who enjoy writing about issues that are debatable and who like taking a stance in various disputes. Each topic here provokes people to engage in discussion that can go on for a whole hour or longer! With interesting topics like these, readers will be captivated by your papers and want to keep reading, whether you choose a persuasive topic or some other type. Moreover, readers will want to provide their own ideas to back up or counter your viewpoint.

Here, are our first ten topic ideas for the perfect essay:

1.If an athlete is prevented from using steroids, shouldn’t models be prevented from using Photoshop?

2.Since some competitions involve playing video games, should gaming be viewed as a type of sport?

3.Which is best – nature or nurture?

4.In the case of extreme activities i.e. in the case of certain sports, do you think the adrenaline rush is worth risking one’s life?

5.Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie adopted three children. Do you think these children will be successful like their adoptive parents?

6.The 90-60-90 rule… Do you think everyone should be the same shape and size, and should there be certain standards for beauty?

7.Can crime and divorce be attributed to “bad”family genes?

8.Do people in general rely on fate or is life what people make of it?

9.Do social media sites such as Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook facilitate better communication or do they reduce real-life social interactions?

10.When people do good deeds, should they keep them secret? This topic is about goodwill as opposed to PR and/or self-promotion.

So, you want to know how to write a perfect essay? Then here are ten more topics to stimulate your creative talents.

Below are a further ten interesting topic ideas to use for practice purposes at college or university. You should find these topics a great pleasure to work with.

They are ideal for learning how to write a perfect essay and for improving your ability to think imaginatively and write persuasively. Additionally, they are sufficiently captivating to discuss with family and friends. And they are topics you definitely won’t want to avoid in academic or home life!

11. Are generation gaps an issue in modern-day families?

12. Is the practice of lying – i.e. the use of an occasional white lie – acceptable in advertising?

13. Pollution of the environmental is a globally recognized problem. Do you think everyone should contribute in a small way to combatting it?

14. The masks people wear and the games they play: This topic is about sincerity as opposed to politeness.

15. Is the practice of product advertising ethical when it is targeted at young children?

16. Do you think one volunteer is really equal to ten hard-pressed men? Can outcomes be improved by motivation and, if so, how?

17. When animals are kept as companions in people’s homes, do you think they feel “at home”or is it right for people to keep animals as pets?

18. It is claimed by zoos that they contribute to conserving certain species. Do you think a giraffe is better in a zoo environment than in the wild or in the savanna?

19. Is it right that children should follow in the footsteps of their parents?

20. Which is more important – fashion or individuality?

Want a good example of perfect essay writing? Take a look at the examples on’s website or check out these additional interesting topics.

While the topics below are fairly challenging to research and there is a good deal more information to write about, they are definitely riveting to discuss and read about. Furthermore, should you decide to write about any of these topics, they are almost sure to be new to your tutor!

21. Historical venues can be damaged by visitor traffic. Should such places remain available to visitors?

22. Why are skeletal or overly-thin models still seen as a measurement of beauty in the modern age?

23. Which is best when choosing a career or profession – investigating the jobs market or following one’s dream?

24. Discuss the pros and cons of home schooling.

25. Do you think censorship should apply to Internet chat rooms and forums, or is this harmful to the principle of free speech?

26. Is it right to permit children to be adopted by same-sex couples?

27. Is it praiseworthy or blameworthy that some people will do anything to make or earn money?

28. Do you think women should be allowed to abort unborn babies where these are diagnosed as being severely handicapped? Is it an excusable option for people who do not want to or cannot look after a handicapped or disabled child?

29. Discuss print-version books versus audio books and e-books? Are the latter effective at saving trees?

30. What are the ethical issues for surrogate mothers?

Continuing with the theme of perfect essay examples, here are yet another ten possible topics to get you thinking.

If you are still looking for the perfect essay example or the perfect topic but are not sure what to write about, have a look at the list below. These topics are both thought-provoking and make great material for speeches and audience-centered discussions.

31. Should graffiti be viewed as vandalism or works of art?

32. While erroneous judgments are almost unavoidable, can capital punishment be justified?

33. In the modern age, is it right that women are still seen as the weaker of the sexes?

34. Discuss a healthy diet compared to delicious foods. Should we eat in order to be healthy and live longer or should we just eat the foods we love?

35. Consider modern-day theatre and the remaking of classical shows and plays. Would you say many are outrageous or just fresh interpretations?

36. It is inevitable that errors will be made in every sphere of life. Have teachers, judges and doctors the right to err?

37. Do the creators of abstract works need talent?

38. Can laziness be a way to success?

39. There is a saying that women and men are from Venus and Mars respectively. Are both genders really so different?

40. The carrot and stick are often used as motivators. Would motivation by stick not be sufficient?

The above list of topics should prove invaluable when you are looking for essay inspiration. Every topic on the list contains a thought-provoking question or a fresh discussion point. The key to academic success lies in choosing a unique topic. However, one question remains – will an interesting text result from an interesting or compelling topic or is this just the start of a laborious task? Keep reading to learn the answer!

Tips for Writing an Interesting and Compelling Essay

It may seem to you that writing the perfect essay is no more than choosing an interesting title and letting that do the work for you, with you just sharing everyday ideas and adding ordinary examples. However, this is not so. To give readers a pleasant surprise, you need patience and you need to spend time researching your topic. Then you need to use your best writing skills to create interesting hooks to get the attention of readers. To improve one’s style of writing and make an essay appealing to read and follow needs constant hard work.

Top Tips for Better Writing:

  • Choose interesting phrases for your essay

To end up with an exceptional essay, it is vital to use scholarly language. Check out our list of phrases and “link”words to find appropriate vocabulary to express your ideas, build arguments, or improve your essay’s organization.

  • Consider the structure of your essay

You should always create a good structure for your essays since structure is an essential element of scholarly writing. Needless to say, your structure should not be overly-creative because this type of writing needs to adhere to certain rules and standards. However, you should ensure a concise and clear structure for your readers. It matters a great deal how readers are led through an essay and how easy it is for them to find the information they need.

  • Create a story

If the type of essay you are writing permits, try writing an interesting life-story i.e. write about one or more personal experiences. This tactic is likely to engage readers more in what you have written. However, it is unlikely you will always have an interesting real-life story to match every single topic so sometimes you may have to use imagination or borrow stories or ideas from others. For example, readers are almost certain to appreciate an adventure story.

  • Read some interesting writing samples or examples

If ever you feel enthralled by another person’s article or essay, look more closely at this text. Exactly what caught your eye? Can you use any of the same features to develop your own writing style? Has the author used any unique techniques or tricks to hold people’s attention, to keep them reading, or to share their ideas? Writing always provides opportunities for learning and it is best to learn your craft from the best writers.

  • Know what topic you will discuss

You should not, of course, only write about topics you covered in college or read about in scientific books. However, prior to starting to write, make sure you have sufficiently completed all research so that your work is not incorrect or mundane. Often, the best and most compelling topics are those that are provocative and draw people into debate.

This guide has provided a few tips to help you write a great essay i.e. understand the topic you have chosen, develop a solid structure, etc. Consequently, you are armed with some interesting topics for practicing at college or at home! Feel free to contact if you want any additional help with writing an essay!

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