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In the modern world of global information processes, which is called technogenic civilization, the existence of media space is especially relevant for humanity. The media is becoming a worldwide resource for the economy, culture, and modern life. The world of media is highly diverse; it forms the cultural field of a complex structure. A modern person cannot exist outside this dynamically developing cultural space.
A special place in media space is occupied by cinema as a complex phenomenon, paradoxical in its essence and socio-cultural consequences. This fact is realized both by cultural scientists (as well as specialists from other disciplines) and ordinary people. Due to the possibility of viewing on the screen, in television and digital format, films acquired in public life a status similar to other media and even surpassing them.

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The main function of any film is awakening emotions. Therefore, while watching a movie, think about what emotions it evokes and thanks to which techniques the director achieves this goal. The history of cinema, the formation of a specific cinema language can be viewed as a consistent build-up of its ability to wake a living experience. The strength of the impact of the image is increased in a silent movie through a close-up and editing. With the advent of sound and the further professionalization of cinema art in the 1920s, the possibilities for creating a full-fledged cinema-illusion increased. Many movie review essay samples contain comprehensive image analysis.


Cinema creates a special virtual world; it is an imaginative abstraction of reality, direct contact with the sphere of symbolic, the kinematic complex of the human unconscious, the demonstration of the union of spirit and body, hard realism, and at the same time, romanticism of the new view of reality through appearance. Analyze the images of the characters, atmosphere, and mood of the film. Tell the audience about how they are related to the theme and main idea of the picture.


In order to understand how to write a movie review essay, you must learn to analyze the musical background of the movie. Melodies can create a special atmosphere and influence the mood of the audience, so do not underestimate this element of the film. Find a good sample movie review on the Internet and pay special attention to the analysis of musical arrangement. Explore how the author describes its role in the picture.

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Very often, special effects and scenery recreate the desired movie atmosphere even better than the acting. Although, in some cases, a great acting game can be spoiled by poor decorations. They are crucial to the potential success of the film. Pay attention to these elements while viewing the picture.


Here is a paragraph from the correct analysis of the movie. The film “Gone with the Wind”was tested by the most honest critic, time. After all, this masterpiece remains the most famous and beloved film in many countries. The main personage of the film “Gone with the Wind” lives during the war. It becomes the hardest test, made it possible to realize the hidden forces unknown to her and to show her character. It turned out that the capricious young lady spoiled by the love of parents and the environment of admirers has the courage, unbending will, and such vital energy that many men can envy her. At the age of 18, she suffered the horrors of war. She had no one to ask for help, and she had to bear all the burden herself. She survived, learned to live in a changed world, in which there were no slaves and huge family estates. Of course, the means used by Scarlett to achieve the goal can hardly be called worthy.

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