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The US healthcare system is one of the most expensive in the world. The US government spends milliards of dollars on it. However, it is characterized by decentralization, a highly developed infrastructure of insurance companies, and the lack of state regulation. For most people residing in the United States, the health insurance is a private matter. In 2010, the President Obama adopted the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which made the health assurance available to all US citizens (Ronald, 2015). Furthermore, it had to keep customers safe from carefully planned actions of insurance companies. This paper discusses the issue of medical insurance in the US healthcare system, the impact of the ACA, and the ways of the solution to the problem.

Problem Statement

As mentioned above, the American healthcare system has certain issues. Even though its expenses are heavy, the general condition of health in the country does not improve. The mortality in the United States is higher than in countries that do not spend so much money on health care. The number of people with chronic diseases is also high. The system of providing help to the patient is too complicated and the process of transferring the information takes much time. Due to high prices on the medical aid, many people do not receive doctor’s advice. It is particularly evident on holidays, late evenings, and early mornings when hospital services cost much more. Many Americans just cannot afford to go to the hospital. The main problem of the US healthcare system is that high government’s expenses on this branch do not solve the problem of the absence of medical insurance among people with low income, which seriously affects the general state of health of Americans.



The issue can be explored by analyzing the work and structure of the US healthcare system. The US healthcare organization is mostly represented by private health insurance companies and medical firms. Along with them, there are two government programs: Medicare and Medicaid. They provide medical services only to certain groups of people. As a result, millions of individuals who cannot afford medical insurance stay without the protection of the government.

Another method of examining the problem is the analysis of publications of scientists and experts who investigated the effectiveness of the ACA. In his article, Roland (2015) noticed some positive effects, foremost it is an increase in the number of people with insurance. Moreover, companies are currently not allowed to raise the tariffs groundlessly. Before the Act was approved, the patients with chronic and pre-existing conditions could not get the insurance and the companies denied paying the indemnity. After the Act, they could not do that. Furthermore, the enactment canceled limits on the sum of money that the company can pay out to one customer. To carry out the disease prevention and treatment on the early stage, the ACA finances screenings and prophylactic services. It  declared that drug prices would become more reasonable because some groups of people could not afford to buy medicaments. However, the author also underlined some negative outcomes. The payment increased for people who were already the clients of insurance companies. Individuals without insurance have to pay penalty. To pay for the ACA, the government has also set new taxes. Consequently, Roland (2015) thinks that the ACA was not effective in the last years. Another group of scientists from Boston decided to investigate the changes in three states after the ACA adoption. They concluded that, in these states, there was an increase in prophylactic care and outpatient aid and a decrease in emergency calls (Sommers, Blendon, Orav, & Epstein, 2016).

Background of the Problem

The background of the problem of the lack of insurance is the private financing of the healthcare department. Large companies and pharmaceutical firms set their rules in this market. The government does not have control over the situation. As a result, Americans with low incomes cannot afford to receive qualified help.


The major controversy is that the current financing made the US healthcare system one of the most progressive in the world. It uses modern medicaments and equipment. The US clinics perform operations of high complexity. Moreover, patients all over the world come to the United States to receive consultations from the best doctors.


The way of solving the problems of the American health care is to make it more nationalized. The public healthcare system is not a single concept and it is not a terrible thing, as some American critics may think. Some of these systems are effective in some areas. The centralized system can help to extend health insurance to the majority of citizens. The US government has to consider the experience of Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany in this field.


The experts recommend giving to all Americans a tax credit for buying health insurance that can be paid back. It will help to remove the necessity for divisive personal and employer warrants. The government should permit health insurance companies to suggest a strategy to decrease prices through more rivalry. Finally, doctors and patients should have access to the information about payments that the patient can afford. It will help to make necessary decisions.


The US healthcare system needs improvement. The high cost of medical help does not give the opportunity to Americans to control their state of health. The government tries to solve the problems in this field. The ACA is a great attempt to find the solution to the lack of insurance among low-income adults. According to the research conducted, there is some positive dynamic in the studied problem after the enactment of the ACA. Nevertheless, the issue is still not solved. The administration should analyze and use the experience of Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany in the matter of healthcare system improvement.

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