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Facts about Labor Day


Labor Day is a traditional celebration in the USA, because of its importance in prosperity and wellness of the country. The first Monday of September is the time to celebrate it. As a rule, a lot number of workers have a free day on Monday, so they have a longer weekend. There are different ways to celebrate this feast. Some people admire it as the last day of summer, so they go swimming in the sea or open pool, others prefer to make a party or picnic. Also, the American football season starts at that time, and famous work leaders and politicians deliver a speech.


There is no unanimous version among people regarding how, what and when the history of Labor Day began. Someone consider that one of the cabinet makers provided it in May of 1882, others believe that the member of the Central Labor Union, Matthew Maguire, started to celebrate it. Nevertheless, we know exactly that the first unofficial celebration was on the fifth of September, 1882, in New York. Only in 1887, the state of Oregon officially adopted the feast.

USA federal holiday

Before the Labor Day became the USA federal holiday, there had been a lot of conflicts in this story. The famous Pullman Strike in 1894 caused a lot of problems with the transportation system of Chicago, because of the closing of the railroads. As a result, the government used weapons to solve the issue, during which a lot of workers died. Very soon President Grover Cleveland attempted to avoid the escalation of the conflict. Thus, on the twenty-eighth of June, 1894, the Labor Day became the USA federal holiday, and since then, it has been celebrated as an official feast in the country.

Funny things

- The celebration takes the third position in the USA for grilling, after the Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

- It is the day of ending of the hot dog season.

- About 155 million people are currently working in the USA. About seven millions are school teachers.

- International Worker's Day, Labor or May Day is celebrated on the first May worldwide.

- At the first time on the parade of the Labor Day were protests against hard working conditions and sixteen hours of work days.


That is why Labor Day is an outstanding and stylish celebration in the USA.

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