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Social Media Nowadays. How It Helps Your Business?

Nowadays there are more than 3 billion Internet users, and two thirds of them have social network accounts. Once considered a truly individual matter, social media today provides unlimited opportunities for business. Social media trends show that the biggest social networks have turned into the marketing giants, offering businesses the best possible outcome – interactive advertising. Print ads, posters, and TV advertisement, of course, are still relevant and did not lose their value. But the great thing about social media marketing is interactivity. So, what are the most important impacts of social media on businesses?

1) They give good insight about existing and potential customers, their tastes, moods, views, and financial endeavors.

2) Social media helps to increase customer loyalty and brand visibility.

3) Social networking allows targeting the customer directly by sending ads to a particular region, age, cultural group, etc.

4) Regular interaction through social media platforms increases leads and boosts revenues.

5) Social media allows providing 24/7 customer service in a friendly and convenient way.

6) Social media increases traffic of your website and helps to give it the higher rank in search engines.

7) The actions of competitors, their tricks and strategies are easily revealed through network marketing.

8) Social media is a fast and effective way to share innovative information regarding your business.

9) Social networking helps to build consistent relationships with stakeholders.

Social Media Websites That Help in Business Development

So, if you have decided to follow the latest social media trends and use social networks to enhance your business productivity, you have to choose the relevant websites and create a company page there. Here are some suggestions of social networks that may help you.

1. Facebook. Many years ago Facebook was a communication channel for individuals. Now, Facebook is a powerful business tool used for the purposes of network marketing. Therefore, you definitely want to have a Facebook profile.

2. Twitter. Twitter allows sharing your news with the followers.

3. YouTube. YouTube is a video host. Many companies have business channels at YouTube, where they post advertisements, relevant songs, DIYs, industry news, etc.

4. Pinterest. Pinterest allows creating the bright profile of a company, where the most colorful and interesting facts are highlighted.

5. Google Plus. Google Plus profile is very useful as it gathers and synchronizes many useful contacts and information from various Google products- Gmail, Google Books, etc.

6. Empowr. This is a new social media website that allows earning money by posting and sharing. Empowr network was created in 2015 with an idea of the democratic platform ruled by its citizens. The revenues of the platform are paid to its members. The idea is pretty new, so it is interesting to investigate the real motives of the website.

Empowr: Fake or Great Website?

Empowr network is presented as a society with excellent possibilities to earn money. The users of the network can share information of different types, including pictures, photos, and books. Besides, Empowr provides the marketplace features so that every user can sell and buy products through the platform. Apart from that, it shares revenues with you, meaning that when you post something you earn money. However, what stands behind this sweet effortless money-making?

The personal experience of using Empowr is not that optimistic. First and foremost, when you share or post something, you are charged credits that you owe to the website. In other words, you pay for every activity through Empowr, and you are charged real money from your credit card. When Empowr sends money to you (your earnings), you cannot withdraw it before the 90-day-period ends. Therefore, it appears that Empowr’s money is your income which you cannot use. Moreover, no one knows the rules of profit calculations. The company is supposed to give money for actions on the website (shares, comments), but many users get money when they are not active, and many active users receive just coins. The macro-picture of Empowr suggests that the company just redistributes revenues among users, earning some premium for its work. Thus, everyone has to decide whether Empowr is a good option. For me it is yet another pyramid with its skeleton in the closet.

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