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Differentiate Between Various Types of Writing

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Whether you are a freshman or a third-year student, this short article will be useful to you as it will get you acquainted with the key writing types. Moreover, it will help you to understand the central principles of each of them! It’s high time to clear up your confusion!

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Depending on the subject you are learning, you can be asked to write different types of papers such as expository, persuasive, creative, autobiographical, expressive, personal or reflective ones. Each paper has its specific purpose. Therefore, short descriptions of the main ones will be provided below.

Firstly, expository essay includes presenting some information or an idea. Secondly, persuasive essay aims at making the reader follow your point of view. Creative paper, in turn, will test your artistic skills while you will write a creative piece, such as a poem or a story. Moreover, autobiographical, expressive, and personal papers focus on your experience. Finally, reflective essay concentrates on evaluating your experience. Remember that one paper can combine a couple of different types. For instance, a reflective essay could contain some personal writing.

Types of Writing

If you have opted for science, you will conduct diverse experiments in a laboratory. Consequently, you would be required to prepare a lab report. Pay attention to the format of the lab report. In fact, your professor may specify it. If not, there is a particular standard introduced by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. If you have any difficulties with the format of the paper, do not hesitate to contact your professor.

One more writing paper is a journal in which you express your opinion about the lecture, discussion, a book read, etc. Listen to the task attentively and make sure your paper doesn’t contain any grammar, spelling mistakes or typos.

The last writing paper is a portfolio. Here, you are required to include all the papers you have written throughout a specific course. Don’t forget to correct mistakes. Lastly, it is recommended to attach a cover letter or a reflective essay to better explain your understanding of the writings.

We are sure that now you are aware of all the paper differences and will definitely show the best results in the university. Good luck with your future achievements!

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