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Cyber Jihad

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Terrorism has existed for a long time. It has a lot of faces. Terrorism has different forms. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most dangerous and unpredictable problems of XXI century. Even nowadays we still do not have any certain definition of terrorism. But we definitely know that terrorism involves violence. It has numerous forms and uses these forms to reach its goals. Terrorism is an organized and revolutionary phenomenon. Nowadays it became extremely uncontrolled. Terrorism carries looses of economical, political and moral nature. Day by day it makes people feel weak and unprotected from unpredictable threat. Nowadays this kind of violence can be probably found in all spheres of life and even influences population through the Internet. Such a thing as Cyber Jihad or Internet Jihad arouses fear in minds of people at once. Some of us are afraid and stand aside it. Unfortunately, there are still those who accept and support the activity of such terrorist programs. Nevertheless Cyber Jihad is still a fact. In the world we may differentiate various forms of cyber terrorism. Cyber Jihad uses the Internet as the major tactical tool today. The existence of cyber threat should be mentioned with a deep thoroughness. As a rule, we are able to see that mass media (radio, television and press) advocates peaceful citizens and can be easily controlled. In comparison with it, Internet practically cannot be ruled by any power. That is why cyberspace appears to be a field of war.


Never before in the history, a certain group of people used a service created for knowledge and entertainment as a tool to cause harm. Now the Internet becomes a form of the terrorist logistics. Cyber Jihad can be called a specific synthesis of radio, television and press. Not a long time ago terrorism was a local occurrence. But Cyber Jihad pulled it to the stage of global phenomenon. In modern life, Cyber Jihad is able to bring up its supporters. That is why Muslim countries have started the great fight for the dominance in the Internet. Each country wants to be more powerful in the digital world, by investing into and lobbing electronic transnational nets. At the same time, we can see an increasing activity of Jihad in social networks. Cyber Jihad hides the faces of such terroristic organizations as Al-Qaeda or The Society of the Muslim Brothers or other similar organizations. Cyber Jihad uses world web in all possible variants. With the help of it Jihad recruits new adherents, gets donations and spreads the information about Jihad and its principals. Talking about donations, it should be mentioned that well-known Islamic gang groups get great income from their supporters via the Internet. Supporters are capable to use the instructions for remittance and do it anonymously. As a rule they send huge sums of money, thousands of dollars.

Governments of different countries try to protect themselves and their citizens from Cyber Jihad. Hackers are impressed by cynic statements of the terrorists and demolish their sites. But it does not take long to renew them on the other server and go on promoting disturbing news. The majority of these sites promote propaganda in a radical way. On one sight Cyber Jihad calls for the peaceful cooperation. On the other site it teaches young gunmen. These sites introduce the same sort of the information, videos, photographs and instructions how to be a qualified Mujahinid.

People all over the world make important and useful innovations. They want to control the world around and spread peace. But Cyber Jihad appears uncontrolled for them even in the era when humans are able to cope with mostly everything. Cyber attacks of Jihad can be compared with the nuclear weapon with all of its dangerousness and seriousness. The most awful and catastrophic thing is that Cyber Jihad has a global influence. The opinion that radical Muslims own monopoly on using mass media is widely supported. For radicals, Cyber Jihad gives a chance to stay elusive and promote their ideas freely. They can organize terroristic acts and recruit mercenaries all over the world. And this is the ideological fight for minds, which is a very strategically effective method. On the website you are able to find photos and videos of terrorist acts with the detailed description how terrorists achieved such bloody goals. In 90’s, Mujahids used cassettes and VCRs. It was hard for them to escape the police and government. Nowadays their propagations circulate freely in a world net and closed circuit. Since 2001, virtual activity of Jihad tremendously increased.

In 2009, the Facebook attracted the supporters of Cyber Jihad. They discovered here that they could probably organize their Islam oriented activity online. Jihad received new abilities. Previously forums did not give the chance for such a type of communication. The cooperation became fast, momentous and more alive. So the Cyber Jihad got another big portion of its supporters. The social networks feed the third generation of Mujahinids with their first experience in the sphere of terrorism.

Cyber Jihad is well- known as a Jihad of the word. It is one of three forms of fighting for the audience. It promoted its ideals through the text massages with the persuasive texts about Muslim ideals. It is the first stage of Jihad without using any tools. It attacks souls and minds by the ideology. But we still need to understand the whole seriousness of this event. The strategy of Jihad copes with all the innovations that were brought by our world of modern technologies. Cyber Jihad is in Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. The informative methods are spread widely. However the main strong feature of Cyber Jihad is based on forums as a platform for the communication among the different members of the organization. The weak side of such communication is that security services can watch the process of discussions. But the level of the moral impact on the auditory by Jihad does not suffer at all. 

The situation is that Cyber Jihad unites everyone who has even some terroristic ideas in their minds. So they are able to inspire others with the help of their strong ideology. Cyber Jihad gives all possible tools to inspire the movement of Jihad followers in dozens of countries. Even now we can see that al Qaeda exploits the Internet facilities to gather money, organize trainings and make plans. I can hardly believe that there are those who can organize Jihad assault in a moment. It is unbelievable that countries where very few citizens can read are able to influence powerful states. Nevertheless, the number of Cyber Jihad resources is big. The worst thing is that Cyber Jihad is a well- organized type of terrorism. It becomes more effective with every day. We have to act now.

I think that our aim is to make exploitation of Cyber space more challenging for Jihad. Terrorists are permitted to bring harm to the innocent civilians all over the world by using the Internet as a platform for its radical and awful operations. Nowadays Cyber Jihad owns about 5,000 terroristic oriented websites. Two most popular Internet resources are “Al-Hayat” and “Ash-Shark al-Avsat”. Both are available for millions of readers.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that modern information is some kind of a mirror. This mirror is the Internet. Cyber Jihad is the only thing that we can see there.It exists and it is a fact. The only thing we need to do is prevent the spreading of this well-organized harmful system. Cyber Jihad is a new language of war. The Muslims fully understand the power they have in their hands. Unlimited communication gave them all the necessary information. But there are still those who oppose violence. “Not all Muslims become involved in acts of violence. Yet all might be held culpable. This is because that section of Muslim-in fact, the majority-who are not personally involved, neither disown those members of their community who are engaged in violence, nor even condemn them. In such a case, according to the Islamic Shariah itself, if the involved Muslims are directly responsible, the uninvolved Muslims are also indirectly responsible“ (Khan).

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