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Writing paper requires careful preparation to ensure that every part is just right and nothing is lacking. College instructors have much experience in academic writing; therefore, it is easy for them to distinguish a good essay from a bad one. So, if you want to know the difference between a successfully written paper and a total fail, the following tips on how to write a paper for college will be beneficial for you:

1. Do not postpone writing.

If your college instructor has given you some 5 or 7 days to write a paper, it means that you should efficiently manage your time and use all of it in order to provide a well-written paper.

2. Ensure that you understand the task.

In college, you may be expected to write different types of essays: summaries, reviews, compare & contrast papers, analytic essays, etc. Since there are different approaches to writing paper, you should know exactly which type of essay you are expected to write.

3. Always provide a direct answer to the essay question.

When your college instructor gives you a topic for an essay, he/she expects that you will fully cover the topic and provide your answer to the posed question. Therefore, do not be too wordy but provide clear arguments.

4. Consider the word count.

Whenever you get the task to write a four to seven pages essay, your instructor expects you to use this word count for your benefit. Therefore, make sure you do not write too little but strive for top of the range.

5. Make sure your paper has a central idea.

One of the things to remember in successful academic writing is that your paper must focus on a single idea. In such a way, you can ensure clarity and unity of your paper.

6. Move in the right direction.

As soon as you have chosen the central idea of your essay, you should develop it in the subsequent body paragraphs.

7. Know your target audience.

Develop your essay in such a way that a person who has no educational background in your topic understands what you are driving at. If there are any terms or jargon, be sure to explain them.

8. Do not get obsessed with quotations.

As long as they are properly cited, quotations are a plus to supporting your viewpoint. However, do not overuse them. Do not turn your essay into a compilation of quotations.

9. Provide a strong conclusion.

Properly summarize the key points addressed in your essay. Be sure to re-state your thesis statement.

10. Co-operate with your instructor.

Your professor will appreciate it if you address him/her for help or a piece of advice. So, do not be shy.

We hope that our tips proved to be valuable for you. By following them, you can surely succeed in your writing course.

P.S. Do not forget to proofread your paper.

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