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 Changes in currency, particularly, the US dollar, make it harder for travelers to plan their budget and trips. However, there are numerous cheap travel destinations that you can visit.

I have composed the list of cheapest countries to visit, where you can plan your trip:

Costa Rica

Flights to Costa Rica are really cheap. Besides, it is an extremely beautiful country, and you will need some $40 per day to live there.


If you are a fan of cheap travelling, this country is perfect for you. When I visited Vietnam some years ago, I spent $8 per day for accommodation, food, and transport. Now you will spend some $20, but it’s definitely one of the best cheap places to travel.


East-European countries are surely cheap travel destinations in Europe. These four countries are magnificent, and there are numerous historic places to visit.

Countries of Central America

If you set your mind on visiting Costa Rica, then you should definitely see other countries of Central America, such as Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Just do not forget to pack your travel guide!


Despite the fact that flights are rather expensive, you do not need much money to live in this country. Besides, there are numerous places to see. Think at least of the majestic Taj Mahal.


When visiting Argentina, do not miss a chance to play outdoor football and delve into their history and culture.


Plan your trip to Cambodia and you will have no problems with currency as they also have dollars. What is really important is that the country is safe and cheap.


If you do not like crowded places, choose Greece as your tourist destination. Due to the crisis, there has been a decrease in the number of tourists.

South Korea

It’s definitely one of the cheapest countries to visit. Although you may not hear so often about South Korea, do not hesitate – just take your travel guide and off you go.

All countries on the list are worthy alternatives to famous tourist destinations like Italy, Spain, Japan or Australia. Besides, in these countries, you can have a chance to enjoy the pristine nature, which may be easily destroyed in the upcoming years. Therefore, decide for yourself which your next destination will be ;-)

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