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Cancer is caused by abnormal cells dividing, multiplying in quantity and spreading through your body, affecting more and more of your healthy body cells.

Being a genetic disease, cancer changes the way that the cells in your body function. As there are millions of cells in a human body, the cancer cells tend to form a hardened tissue on or under the skin. A cancer patient will be the first to tell you that finding a lump somewhere on the body was the very first time they noticed anything wrong. Although a patient might not feel any pain, cancer could have already formed in a body.

A cancer patient that have skin cancer will inform you of different reasons why they might have been diagnosed with this particular disease. UV rays from the sun can cause cells to change and mutate, causing cancer cells to develop. Exposure to harmful chemicals can also cause different types of skin cancer and abnormal behavior of cells.

As the entire body is made up of cells, there is a wide variety of different types of cancer. Carcinoma is a common type of cancer where the cells on the inside as well as on the outside of the human body are affected. Sarcoma is the type of cancer that affects soft tissue, bones, blood, muscles and fat cells of a body. Leukemia, a very serious cancer, affects the marrow of your bones and could cause severe damage and even death. Brain and spinal cord tumors are also types of cancer. The cells in the human brain or spinal cord can mutate and cause hardened tissue to block and slow other body functions down.

People suffering from cancer need to take a series of severe treatments, including chemotherapy. Such treatments can cause hair loss and weight loss. Apart from that, receiving chemo therapy makes your body very sick and barely able to function properly. Although these treatments have a good success rate, there is no guarantee that the cancer cells will be completely eliminated. Chemo therapy helps in some instances and, in others, the cancer cells may already be too strong to be beaten or eliminated.

Cancer survivors should share their stories with others, take hands with those who are fighting the same battle. It need not be through speaking; an essay about cancer can also change a darkened heart. Writing your survival story can help someone to survive a life threatening disease and live a full and happy life.

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