Cambridge Tutorial: How to Apply to University

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 Because Cambridge is a famous university, many students think that it is very hard to apply and receive an approval. Of course, the application process appears to be more challenging than in other universities, however, it is manageable when you understand each detail of application procedure.

Tips on how to apply to Cambridge   

1. Consider the application deadline. Send your application to the university using UCAS by October 15th to give the application committee enough time to process all the data and land interviews with future students.

2. Complete the questionnaire. After you submit the application form, you will be asked to answer questions provided in questionnaire, for example, your UMS marks, etc.

3. Write an essay. The application process in some colleges requires students to submit a personal essay in order to demonstrate their accomplishments, interests and personal qualities.

4. Complete a written test. Some university departments ask students to submit written tests in order to demonstrate their genuine knowledge of a subject and confirm their academic achievement.

5. Find out your results. In January, you will receive a letter confirming your success or failure. If your application is placed in the pool, do not lose hope. There are chances that your application will get approved soon.

6. Have an interview. The application procedure finishes when you are interviewed by the university committee. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your past accomplishments, academic achievement, hobbies, plans, etc.

Many future students are afraid to apply to Cambridge assuming that their application will not be approved in any case. So, they do not want to waste their time on it. On the other hand, you never know if you get approved without trying it. Now you know how to apply to a university, so pluck up your courage and submit your application to Cambridge. This may be the best choice you will have made in your life!

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