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Written assignments are one of the most important tasks that influence students’ final grades largely. Even the brightest and most diligent students can get stuck with a written assignment, and their academic performance, unfortunately, can be utterly spoilt. Students, especially those who are not natural born writers, need to consider seeking external academic writing help. Keep on reading and find out how can assist you in your studies.


You can’t just receive a task and get down to writing it straight away. Almost any work requires good and careful planning. In writing, it is one of the most important stages that you need to go through to come up with a brilliant piece of writing. This is where an outline comes in handy. Think about the points that your topic covers, do some research. Prepare a rough plan of what you think you will include in your paper. When you have gathered enough information, go back to your plan and scrutinize all the ideas. Your outline should be divided into larger sections and subsections so that your data is sorted properly. All this will help you not to get confused and write a paper with a clear and logical layout. However, your outline might undergo a few changes in the process of writing. It happens because you keep doing research till the paper is finished, and, therefore, you will encounter new information that is relevant to the topic and should be included in your paper. Be prepared to the fact that the whole writing process is time-consuming, and a substantial period of time passes before the final result reaches its target reader.


An introduction constitutes an important part of any written assignment. It informs the reader about the rationale behind your work and explains in what way it is important. Your introduction should be informative but at the same time succinct. Below, you can find more specific tips on how to create a good introduction.

Background Information

Malaria is recognized as one of the world’s deadliest diseases. It is commonly fought against in African countries. The prevalence of this disease is increasing at a frightening rate; in particular, it concerns the tropical regions of Africa. There are more children dying of malaria than of any other disease known to be critical.



The Aim of the Paper

The present paper discusses how malaria has been developing at an alarming rate, especially in African countries, and what causes its continual development in spite of discovering how to stop it. The paper is aimed at finding out why the countries’ economies impact the rise in malaria cases and how awareness campaigns contribute to the decline in malaria deaths among young children.

Continuity of Ideas

The flow of your ideas on the topic should be fluent and go smoothly from paragraph to paragraph. The reader must be able to follow your ideas until the last paragraph. Each paragraph must be devoted to one particular point. It raises the reader’s interest, which makes the transition to a new paragraph more exciting. If you manage to organize your ideas clearly, then your paper is destined to become successful.

Critical Thinking

By giving you written assignments, your teachers want to see whether you are able to think independently and analytically. Apart from just gathering necessary information, you need to process it and be able to estimate. However, there are different levels of academic writing. Thus, working on a high school assignment will differ greatly from a Master’s one. Therefore, a different scope of critical and creative thinking is required. Critical thinking is directly linked to your stage of development. Consequently, a Master’s work is supposed to present a certain level of maturity.


Proper referencing will add extra points to you work. Remember to use only credible and up-to-date sources. List all the sources you have used while working on your assignment. However, bear in mind that there are different format styles, and before citing a source or compiling a reference list, check the format manual (e.g. APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford, etc.).

Adopt an Academic Tone

When writing an academic paper, remember to adopt an impersonal and neutral tone. Therefore, try to avoid using ‘you’ and ‘I’ in your work. Also, always base your arguments on researched facts hence avoiding expressing your personal opinion.

Use of Bullet Points and Numbering

Depending on the style of your paper and subject, using bullet points and numbers can make your paper look better organized and easier to read. It also saves your teacher’s time when going through your work as all the main points are highlighted.

Use of Examples

Using examples and evidence to prove your point will help convince your teacher that you are competent in the topic. Remember to use direct and indirect quotations to support your ideas and cite them accurately.

Word Count

Another problematic issue is the word limit. Some may disagree, but following your word limit requirement is extremely important for the paper’s grade. Both exceeding the word count and not writing enough is equally bad. Such a seemingly insignificant deviation from the requirements can seriously undermine the quality of your writing. To make sure the scope of your work does not need reducing or enlarging, prepare a draft. A draft will save your time and help not to waste it trying to reach the required word count after finishing the paper.

Inclusion of Graphics

In some papers, figures and tables can effectively convey the necessary information to the target reader without affecting the word count. However, there is a limit to everything; therefore, do not use too many figures as instead of clearing some issues up, they can make the paper more confusing. Consequently, your work may look untidy and unnecessarily complicated. Also, you should remember that each table must have a heading and a properly referenced source.


A conclusion is a logical ending to what has been discussed earlier in the paper. It should reinforce the importance of your study. As the conclusion is the part of a paper that teachers look through first, it should reflect the work done precisely. In the conclusion, you summarize your ideas and show what knowledge has been gained. You can also include recommendations for future research.

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